Most powerful setup in a 93 sq in frame that still allows for spin?


I am thinking of NG/Ghost Wire 19g. I love everything about my Prestige Mid (serve, touch, backhand) EXCEPT depth and power on FHs. I hit with a SW grip and need more powa/depth. Tour Status and Firewire was too low powered. Velocity/Ghost Wire 17g is too low powered (Velocity feels like a poly). So I am looking at NG.

Thoughts? Gimme the powa


I use VS Touch 17/ Prince Tour XC 17L in my Youtek prestige mid strung at the lowest recommended tension range for VS at 52/48. That gives me amazing depth with a decent swing. Can’t go wrong with gut/poly.
What’s holding you back from stringing a full bed of poly lower? Do you know what happens if you string 4-5 lbs lower? Probably not the answer you’re looking for, but I’ve never strung a poly too low before. Try it sometime, especially with a signum or Kirschbaum string.


go high 30's with a softer poly. I string silverstring at 38 in 93ps. If you play with spin, its perfectly controllable and has good juice.