Most similar racquet To exo3 tour 100 prince

Hi i have a prince exo 3 tour 100 and i want a similar racquet with the same amount of effects and more stability in volleys, my play is baseliner with a semiwestern forehand and 2hbackand better than my forehand and im 15 years old and im 6.15 ft so i want a racquet that helps my serve so what yonex racquet you suggest me? or head i think in vcore 95,98 or 360 speed mp


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The exo3 Tour 100 is pretty unique in that it’s a very thin beam by today’s standards, exo3 ports and a sub 60 flex. The Prince Phantom is the only frame I can recommend with similar attributes to your current stick.

The yonex guys on the boards will be better able to recommend a model but the extended length Ezone 98 or DR 98 would be one of the softer options in line with the feel/flex of your current stick. Also the extra length would provide some help with serve.

I’d recommend demo’ing anything before buying - don’t just hit with a demo play a match. Good luck.

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You might get lucky on the bay if you can scout a tour 100 which was the next iteration.Otherwise phantom 100 is the most similar product offering