Move on to the Spain now

Well, depsite the loss, Rafa's fitness level, fighting spirit, ballstriking (in a few patches) was great for a guy who hasn't played a competitive match in over 3 months.
I see no negative vibes in this loss, all credits to the young Russian andrey rublev for taking it to nadal with massive ballstriking, maintaining his composure especially after the miraculous comeback by nadal in set2.

Nadal will only get better and better from this point onwards. Remember, he looked way worse in 2019 MC despite a better result. So, fellow Nadal fans, do not worry, do not be sad. The greatest warrior of tennis world will get stronger as the weeks pass by until we get to RG.

On to the Barcelona & Madrid now, the home country of Rafa.


RG 2021 is all that matters ... obviously focusing all his energy to that tournament .

Which, BTW ... would put him on top as undisputed GOAT !!!

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In 2019, Nadal lost in the Semis of Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid.
Nadal 2021 looks a lot more energetic than that version of Nadal.