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If a team won sectionals last year but chose not to go to nationals, are they still allowed to play together the next year? Someone on that team said USTA allowed them to continue playing together this year which seems against national rules.

Move-Up/Split-Up Rule:
2.06A National Championship Teams:
  • 2.06A(1): Move-Up - Teams and team members that advanced to, or qualified for, any National Championship may play together as a team, in whole or in part, if they move up one NTRP team level.
  • 2.06A(2): Split-Up - No more than three (3) players who were on the roster of any team that advanced to, or qualified for, any National Championship team the previous year may play together in the same Division, same Age Group and at the same NTRP team level as the National Championship team(s), if their NTRP rating allows. Split-Up requirements only apply to players who participated in three (3) or more matches (including one default) for that team during the championship year.
  • 2.06A(3):If a Section has a regulation that limits the number of players on a roster that are at a specific level, the Section must suspend that regulation for one year for any team that advanced to, or qualified for, any National Championship the previous year and chooses to move up one NTRP team level.
    • 2.06A only applies to Adult 18 & Over, Adult 40 & Over, Adult 55 & Over, Mixed 18 & Over and Mixed 40 & Over leagues.
    • • The Adult Division and the Mixed Division are separated. A national player in the Adult division will NOT count as a national player in the Mixed Division.
    • • A player will count as a national player only if he participated in three or more matches, with one default counting, for the national team during any part of the team’s season
    • • Any team that qualified for nationals will be considered a national team, even if the team elects not to participate at nationals. All wildcard team will be considered national teams.


The rule would seem to say they shouldn't be eligible to stay together since they qualified for Nationals, but I'm sure a team can appeal the rule and try to get it an exception. And granting an exception is probably more likely right now as the team could say they couldn't go due to COVID and shouldn't be penalized for that.
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Great rule!!! USTA needs complete makeover as well blowing up. Self rating must be done with forever as it’s ruined league as it encourages sandbagging. Because of this I’ve lost interest in playing and going to pursue other interests such as losing weight/getting back into shape as tennis got me fat.