Moving from a PDR GT to a PDR GT+


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Ive been playing with my PDRGTs for over a year now and love the racket, but recently ive been thinking about moving to the + size version of the racket. I'm a 3.5 player who is improving, im a leftie who's primarily a baseliner and I hit a 2HBH. I've been looking to get some extra leverage on my serve and the + PDRGT was recommened to me esp since i've played so well with the normal version. I hit with a demo but the grip size is bigger than what I use and was strong @60lbs ( i play with natural gut strung at 56 with a 5% prestrech) While hitting with the demo I found that I was crushing my BH but my forehand was allover the place ( i attribute some of this to bigger grip and different strings)

How tough is it to transition to a + size racket from a normal one? Im worried that my forehand will be a mess and I will have difficulty adjusting to the added length. What can i expect when switching to this racket?



I actually did something very similar. My game is a bit though.

My biggest adjustment came on my serve toss and volleys.

I had to really make sure that my toss was good and high with the + version. Over time this really was not a huge deal as I adjusted.

Volleys were a bit more difficult due to the maneuverability of the + version. This is still a bit of a hurdle, but I am still working on my volley all around anyway.