Moving On From M-fil 300


As my collection of m-fil 300's dwindles down, i've decided a racquet switch is in order.

I like the general feel of the 300's but i'd like a little more heft, power and stability, especially on returns and volleys. I feel like lately i've been getting pushed around by bigger hitters. Whatever i get ill prolly string up with weiscannon silverstring on the mains and a synthetic on the crosses.

I'm looking to demo 4 racquets then choose one. Any ideas?
Dude, try a Tecnifibre.. after the Mfil 300 ,i moved to the tfight 320 and then up to the tfight 335 and its all good. more heft plowthru and stability :)


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Liked the weight and balance of the MFil 300 but not the feel. The Aerogel 300 keeps the weight and balance but the feel is great. Give her a dance.


Sounds to me like a AG 300 tour 4D, would fit the bill quite well for you. I also his with an mfil 300 before I got my 300 tour. Very stable, decent heft (but you can still customize), nice pop, more spin than you would think was possible from an 18x20 pattern. I am very satisfied with this racquet.