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Hey all...yesterday the MS Tennis Association ( published a release saying the ratings will be released on December 2nd.

Interesting thing is that yesterday they had an article attached to the annoucement detailing the rumors about the upward movement this year. They quickly removed that story and left the "annoucement" as a starburst on the side panel of their page with no link attached. Check out the site to see what I mean.

I did happen to read the article yesterday and my handy dandy browser cached it so here's the text:

Ratings Will Publish December 2, 2009 . . . Get Ready For 'A Whole New League'!

Who is tinkering with the ratings, why, and what is going to happen?

WHO: The National Oversight Group (NOG) is charged with maintaining the integrity of the National Tennis Rating Program. NOG continually monitors and reviews the accuracy by which the NTRP operates in all aspects of USTA tennis. NOG utilizes feedback from National Championship Observers, staff, volunteers, team captains, and players each year as part of its analysis of the results, patterns, and trends of this primarily automated system.

WHY: Recently heavy concern has been raised over a growing disconnect between the standards used in the Self Rating and NTRP guidelines and the actual characteristics of players on court at various levels.

WHAT: To combat this increasing discrepancy between the NTRP guidelines and player ratings, there will be nationwide movement of a higher percentage of players upward this year. Players will continue to have compatible and competitive matches although many will now be playing at a different level.

More players moving up?! Bad, right? Wrong!

While more players will be moved up than in previous years, in every level, the majority of the players will have NO CHANGE in their ratings.
As a result, fewer teams will have to split up. The majority of players on a team will move up, or the majority will show no change, thus the team will not have to split.
The 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 levels will be less saturated, and play will be more compatible and competitive among teams.
There will be more players at the 4.5 and 5.0 levels, so there will be more opportunity for local play in these divisions.
You’ll see a lot of new faces across the net and at the championships.
The link to that page is:

I wonder why they removed it from the home page? As far as I can tell if you didn't save the link yesterday there's no way to get to it.
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