MSV Focus HEX Plus 38


Did anyone tried this string?
Is it any good?
I like MSV focus hex strings and tried most of it such as Hepta twist and soft.
When I tried soft version, I felt exact same performance with soft feeling.
I was curious new MSV focus hex plus 38 because it said the string has more power than regular focus hex. As they advertise, The string has softness like MSV focus hex soft and slightly more power too.
Only played briefly so not sure about tension loss yet though.

I wish the price is same as regular hex.


You might want to inquire for more details but I was given the impression that the Plus 38 would fall in between the Focus and the Evo strings in stiffness. Evo strings supposedly has a softer outer coating but the downside is that it's not as slippery so possibly less spin potential vs the more common outer coating on the Focus which is more slippery and thus more spin potential.
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I have played the Focus Hex Soft (17L and 18 ) and I am now testing the Focus Hex Plus 38. They are completely different strings! It feels more like a synthetic gut string and not like a poly. I was stringing Focus Hex Soft at 48 lbs and I am now trying Focus Hex Plus 38 at 55 lbs. The Plus 38 is still a lot softer and I'll need to increase the tension further. It feels very comfortable.
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I am trying this string right now. It's been in my racquet for 3 weeks now. Strung as mains in a hybrid with Prince Premier Attack 16, both at 50 lbs.

So far, nothing special. Felt boardy in the first week, like all polys do. Then it loosened up, but just a tiny bit. Control is great, but I do not feel the softness. Even the regular softness is not there, compared to other polys, let alone the "plus 38 percent" of it. Nor do I feel the extra power.

The disappointing characteristic (for me) which stands out is that the harder the shot, the more dampened the response. On touch/slow shots, the string yields and springs back nicely -- as you'd expect, but on hard shots it all stiffens up on you -- very unproportionally so.

Maybe that's what it is designed to do. Maybe it is meant for hard hitters who want control in hard rallies and a bit of give on touch shots.

Spin is very strong -- no question about it.

Feel, resilience and softness appear to be missing.
Will try it later at much lower tension -- 44 or so.

Interested to hear what other's impressions are.

-- Nick


anyone else tried this? the description sounds very interesting. TW doesn't carry it, but it's largest competitior does.


I have it in my Bio300T as the main strings along with Head PPS crosses and it is quite soft with very good power and decent spin. In comparison to my BHBR/PPS hybrid, the Plus38/PPS hybrid produces less spin but is a bit softer and more comfortable with comparable power.