MSV Hex white vs black reel? Any difference? 17g vs 18g?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by 2ndServe, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Does anyone have any info on this? Does the color affect playing characteristics? Haven't tried the 18g, is it a lot better for spin? How's the tension on the 18g.

    Honestly this string doesn't blow me away in any away. But it's very soft to me, even after probably 30+ hours as my cross string hybrid (kevlar mains). But it holds well after the initial drop off and of course it's reasonably priced. Is there something similar that is slightly better and in the same price range (at least under $150 a reel).
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    Feb 26, 2010
    Focus hex has very little feel. The 1.10mm version offers a slight bit more feel than the 1.18 version but also went dead in half the time. Ususally 1.18 lasts a very good 8-10 hours for me, then completely changes to soft, loose, & lifeless when it goes dead. I suspect your string is long dead by 30 hours so if it doesn't make any difference to you, I guess the shorter lifespan of the 1.10 wouldn't really be a problem for you. I know there is a chart out there with the differences between Focus Hex/Co Focus colors cuz I've linked it here before. I think it's on MSV's U.S. distributor's site, google guts and glory MSV
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