Mubadala World Tennis Championships Notes

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    Was up in Abu Dhabi for the Mubadala Tennis Champs to conduct sponsors and junior clinics with all the players and thought i'd pass on a few little notes.

    Federer: The consumate professional in every way. He conducts himself in such a professional manner when conducting these clinics. He is an extremely funny guy and is animated and engaging to all the participants that we had. When we were doing drills, he's constantly talking to the people and encouraging them, all whilst feeding from his own basket. Funny part was all the kids are trying to "nail" poor Fed as for them, they can say they beat him....quite funny. I didn't ask him about his racquet etc as we had no time on court but he is a sponsors/corporate dream.

    Nadal: Super guy...poor Rafa flew in at 130am and we were on court at 11am.....he constantly kept smiling and was very friendly, but also shy. He was great with everyone but obviously not as open as Fed. From what i've heard he's a little shy with his english, but he never stopped smiling. While we were in between drills, i asked him about his racquet and he passed it to me. Not heavy at all....i have a APD setup to rafa's specs by one of the worlds leading racquet companies, and it felt exactly the same. As many's a pj of the original, and Rafa said so himself...his words.." i could use anything but i'm used to the first one.....the new one has something down here (he pointed to where the cortex was painted) but no racquet has some lead up here"...(pointed under the bumper)...

    Berdych: Another great guy, quiet, but very open when you talk to him. Another coach asked him about his match with Rafa (lost 4 and 4) and he said.."win or's i get to play a practice match with him....which is something money can't buy." These guys can't get others who play like Rafa...very unique. Asked Tomas about his racquet...there are no markings on it and at first i asked if he was using the PT57A...he looked at me and said "what's that....?...Mine is custom made by head for me...."

    Robin Soderling: He was very very engaging when we were on court. He was quiet on court but extremely polite, encouraged the kids and the adults, and was open to all on court. His racquet is a PT57A....markings on the throat, and he passed it to me to hold....was fairly weighty and his custom grip felt around the 4 1/2 range. I commented on the weight and Robin said..."sometimes even i feel it can be too heavy." I mentioned to him that many people are interested in his racquet specs, and funnily he said.."yeah, i've heard about the tech freaks..." haha. Claudio Pistolesi (Robin's new coach, ex player) is a very very friendly guy and was awesome to be around. He had the head prestige 238.2......

    Marcos Baghdatis: Poor Marcos had to be on court with us at 11am on new years day. Funny funny guy who had a great new years eve. All decked out in his adidas gear, Marcos's frame feels rather neutral. I didn't ask him any details on his frame but i did take 2 pics of it....will post them later.

    Jo Wilfred Tsonga: Another great guy, he was also very shy and quiet, and i didnt ask him about his frame....sorry guys.

    All in all...was a good few days and as i've said, all the players were very friendly on court. Obviously doing the clinics is part of their job, and all of them made the participants (adults and juniors) feel like they shared a very special experience with each of them. Bring on the Aussie Open!
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    this is the proof that its not what they had..but its the thing you loved the most..(racquet)
    you can have all the pros racquet but the question is " can you handle them( feel for d racquet )
    not all pros came from rich side..some start from humble begginings.. particularly ,they play the racquet they can afford ..
    lastly ..just play the racquet that suits for you.
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    Thanks for the info, I really liked it, it seems like you have a great time.
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    Good stuff man!

    Alas, the Tsonga specs may elude us for an eternity...

    I am really intrigued by how open Nadal was about his equipment though, and i definitely loled at Berdych's response to you asking if it was a PT57 haha.
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    Indeed, very good stuff. I'd be embarrassed myself to ask questions like that.

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