Much excite for Thiem's Calendar Austrian Slem

Robert Baratheon


Only parallelled by Murray's London Slams of 2016 and the non calendar year golden London grass Slam of 2012/2013
Disgusted about Prince Joffrey's complications during the Humbert Puncture on home soil.
Goffin is mugging up so much lately I think he has Cilicton's disease or Zvengue Fever.

Guess we will have to do with Berrittini at the WTF.


Hall of Fame
LOLz, and the Argentinians are basically Spanish.


Not Spanish.


One would assume Fedfanatics would know their Swissy geographies and demographics... Switzerland is essentially a Germanic country. With a French minority and an even smaller Italian minority.

And we know he isn't Italian. Or French. Which leaves us with... quiz question for you to solve.