Multi -> Poly, tension adjustments


Long time Velocity user, found a decent combination of comfort, spin and playability etc. but can't help feeling like I'm missing out.

Recently tried a hybrid of V mains and T1 Ghostwire in my Prince TT310 (16x19) - absolutely loved how it played but didn't last long (<5 hours). I string my own frames, but I don't want to be doing it twice a week...

Thinking about trying FB Ghostwire, but in my 18x20 PK Q Tours. Currently have them strung with V at 52/48, just wondering how much I should drop for FB poly. Thinking maybe 48/44?


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I would try even lower 44/40 on a 18/20 raket
with polys you can go even lower still and not loose control like with multis

btw. im not familiar with the poly you listed, but I play with FB polys on 18/20s
try it out and let us know


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I strung Velocity for a client and she wanted to do Multi/Poly combo on her Pure Drive Cortex. Before she was spraying the ball with the full bed, so I strung her 54ibs M/ 50ibs Pros Pro Blackout. I usually string poly crosses much lower because you can go low tension on them and yet retain the control of the multi. She was happy with the result as she felt confident using it.


For what it's worth, I went from full poly at 46 (on 18x20) to poly / multi at 47/49 and I find it amazing. The poly retains its characteristics while the (low-powered) multi crosses really helps soften the stringbed. This set up offers good power, spin, comfort, and because I can 'feel' the ball with the multi, touch shots are really good. I use Black Knight and Genesis Thunder Blast. I'd imagine going from full multi to full poly would be a drastic difference in the feel, power level, etc. If you string yourself a hybrid might be a good transition.


Full multi to full poly was indeed a fairly drastic difference, but in a very good way lol.

Power was up, but then so was control due to the extra spin, really felt I could go after my targets. Waaaay more pop on first serves, and the extra spin on second serves got me plenty of free points too. Basically everything was improved with the new strings.

May try a Ghostwire/Velocity hybrid in my backup frame next. Only concern would be potential of lowering the launch angle by stringing the mains tighter? I definitely don't need any less net clearance...