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    So as I recently decided to change string and having pulled the trigger to soon when I bought my last reel of string I chose to b very through this time and play tested a mass of strings and wanted to share my experiences with you all.
    Let me note that I am mainly a baseline player, hit with lots of top spin, string my racket at 45lbs and play with the latest Babolat Aero Pro drive so you know where I am coming from. I am also a big believer that power and spin come from technique although racket and frame help it’s mostly in the swing mechanics.
    · Alu Power Rough
    o First impression was WOW, loved the string when it was freshly strung, plays like a dream, lots of pop and great spin production. Makes a great sound as well when you hit the ball. Can be a little hard on the arm but a great string….BUT it dies quickly. I found I get 3-4 hours of good play time from the string before I changed to a fresh racket.
    · Alu Power Spin
    o Similar thoughts to the Rough version of the string I just found that it was less powerful.
    o (I did like a hybrid of the spin and rough and found it played amazing but again dies too fast)
    · Wilson NXT Tour
    o Really good and comfortable string. Doesn’t rip into the ball like the Alu rough does but good power and amazing feel. I played with this when suffering from tennis elbow and it saved me. Really an amazing string to use if you are arm issues. However I broke them about every 2-3 hours.
    · Babolat Xcel
    o Same as above.
    · Genesis Twisted Razor
    o Was excited to try this string having read so much about it…I would say it was very average. Tough wire like string, good spin for the first few hours but the grooves wear off fast. It’s a hard harsh playing poly and I was frankly disappointed.
    · RPM Blast
    o Was also excited to try this having never taken the plunge but having heard so much of the hype. I have to say I really loved this string and hit some of the best shots ever with it….however the string only plays well for about 3 hours then you have a terrible string that is uncontrollable. If you can afford to re-string your rackets A LOT then I would say go for this string, when it’s on it on.
    · Pro Hurricane Tour
    o My stringer swears that it’s the same as RPM blast just a different colour. I found it to be a bit stiffer and last longer but that it wasn’t as nice to play with. Tough on the arm.
    · Solinco Tourbite.
    o Very good spin production, found it lacked a bit of pop but a very good string. Can be a little hard on the arm but not terrible.
    · Solinco Barbwire
    o Thought it played very similar to the above.
    · MSV Hepta Twist
    o Played with the thinnest gauge which I think is the 1.20 and really liked this string, lots of spin and great feel. Definitely worth a go!
    · Technifibre Black Code
    o Very good string; good spin, good power good string. Didn’t blow me away but a great all around string for sure. Lasted longer than RPM Blast but not as good during the peak time.
    · Polyfibre Venom Rough
    o I have never hated a string so much, hit with it for 20 mins and cut it out. Felt like hitting with a board, no power, no spin, total crap IMO.
    · Top Spjn Cyber Max Rotation.
    o OK sting, does what it says on the tin but nothing special.

    And now to my favourite!!
    Signum Pro Tornado 1.17 – from the first hit with this string I was impressed; I had never hit with such a thin string and the control/touch was brilliant as was the spin and power. Really so impressed with this string; it ticked all the boxes and then some. I have to encourage anyone who’s looking for something new to give this one a go. On out of 2000+ strings this came top 10 for power and spin and top 20 for tension stability. Sooo impressed; just ordered a reel and its only £60 a reel instead of £180 for alu rough!! Love it, try it and join the party. :)
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    Good stuff, thanks for taking the time to do the write-up.
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    2nd that thanks

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