murray and Acasuso's HEAD racquets?

so while watching murray and Acasuso play i noticed they both use head racquets,
but i couldnt tell wat racquets
murrays looked black at the sap open,
but i could see a red gleam if the camera was right

but Acasuso's looked all black,
i tihnk perhaps i saw a blue gleam, but wasnt sure

any ideas?


Murray uses an i.Rad with CAP grommets since they are interchangable due to head size and string patterns with the old rads and the mp prestiges. Can't comment on Acasuso because I'm too lazy to look.
but are you sure b/c like i said
it looked very dark,
almost black, with a hint of red if you look closely enough,
im talking about his match w/ roddick in the semis of sap open

i think u may be rite
looking at it
im pretty sure its an irad with CAPs
but still looks too dark fo me