Murray has received his knighthood at Buckingham Palace

Is he still Sir Andy Murray or he has got a new title :unsure:? jk btw.
No, same title. This was just the formal investiture of what was originally announced more than 2 years ago as part of the 2017 New Year's Honours. Why it took so long is a bit of a mystery but I have an uneasy feeling that Andy didn't want to undergo the investiture whilst he was still playing and has now done so because he has decided it is unlikely that he will play again. I hope I am wrong but fear I may be right.
Do the umpires at Wimbledon have to call him Sir Murray now?
Sir Andy! (Like Sir Elton for Elton John). I thought he was knighted a couple of years ago, but I guess the official ceremony didn't happen till now.

I'm glad it went OK for Sir Andy. That picture looks like he's about to be Ned Stark-ed by a senile royal ("Now remind me, Jeeves, did he ever actually win Wimbledon? I can only ever remember his losing finals to Federer.")
Do the umpires at Wimbledon have to call him Sir Murray now?
Knighted folk are only ever referred to by their full name eg. Sir Andy Murray or just their first name eg. Sir Andy but the title never just goes with their surname so never Sir Murray, big no-no.

If Sir Andy ever returns to play competitively at Wimbledon (for which we fans hope and pray will be the case) he will simply be referred to on court as 'Murray' like always. He has already made it clear that's what he wants.
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