Murray: Ivan was honest with me

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    More on Murray's decision to hire Lendl:

    Explaining his decision to work with the 51-year-old Lendl, who is taking up his first coaching position, Murray said, "I liked what he said and how he felt about my game. I think he has obviously got a lot of experience. I also think he has been through a lot of the same things that I have been through, so I am sure he can help me mentally with certain things. And also just his eye for the game; he obviously understands tennis very well.

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    "I think when he played he was a very hard-worker," continued Murray. "He is also one of the most successful tennis players ever, so he obviously has a lot of knowledge and information that he can give me and pass on to me. And he was just a very honest guy as well, which is very important because not everybody is like that. A lot of people are maybe too nice sometimes, they just don’t want to upset you or say the wrong thing. But he was very honest, very open and that was important."

    In his first three Grand Slam finals, Murray was thwarted by Roger Federer (2008 US Open, 2010 Australian Open) and Novak Djokovic (2011 Australian Open), and he fell to Rafael Nadal in three major semi-finals last season. The Dunblane native explained one of his objectives with Lendl would be to find a way past the Top 3.

    "I spoke to him about a lot of the top players and how I am going to beat those players and how to see their weakness and how I can exploit them; I like that. So I am sure he will help me tactically as well."

    When questioned on Lendl’s lack of coaching credentials, Murray responded, "The best coaches don’t always make the best players and the best players don’t make the best coaches. So I think that is something that I am sure will be a challenge for Ivan and he seemed quite excited by that as well. He has never coached before and he was saying that he was willing to learn. I am looking forward to it."

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    I hope part of the "honesty package" was a disclaimer that Ivan would be out of there and booking a round of golf after the first tantrum during a big match.
    I wish them luck together. Mutual success in this endeavor will change the dynamic at the top of the game.

    BTW, I gave a ride to a gentleman from Ayr on New Year's Eve. Hope that's part of my "good luck package" for '12. Now, I'm off to eat a heap of black-eye peas...a Southern tradition to bring health and prosperity through the New Year. Care to share any Scottish formulae for the same? Please don't tell me if it involves haggis...I won't go that far!

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