Murray literally has not broken a sweat yet..

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by Mike Sams, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Being a Murray fan, I am not happy with this draw. He has not been tested on these courts yet. I dint really care for Simon vs Murray match. I knew verywell Andy can beat a tired Simon any day.
    Also I dont find Andy playing at his prime so far. He has different levels and uses his highest level only when needed. So not finding a need to bring his best level so far can backfire him against fed. And also the expectation of having a weaker draw.
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    If you read his press conference you will notice that the questions were mostly directed at him such as:

    Q. Difficult moment, but what couldn't you do that you wanted to do? What let you down?

    ROGER FEDERER: Uhm, well, I mean, I don't think I played poorly. But, uhm, I think he went after it. I mean, I know Berdych. I think I've played him 10 times already before. That's the way he plays, you know.

    I think he's been able to play more consistent last year or so, and I was just not able to defend well enough and I didn't come up with the good stuff when I had to. So it was disappointing, you know. Yeah.


    Q. Obviously he's going to come at you. Did you feel like you were as aggressive as you wanted to be in the match? You had some chances in the fourth set, Love?40 on his serve.

    ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, his mistakes and my mistakes. You know, he played well when he had to. It was brutal for me. Every time he had a chance, he took it. On the breakpoints, he played great on those.

    Then when I had chances early on, I was actually not too bad. I just felt like I got the unlucky bounce once in a while, you know. 30?All he got it on the line over and over again. I just felt like I couldn't create enough chances to really get the breakthrough.

    When I did have chances, I played poorly. It was just a frustrating match the way it all went.

    I don't see how this is considered poor sportsmanship. He answered the questions posed to him and gave Berdych credit for outplaying him. Blown way out of proportion. If the media had asked him how he thought Berdych had played I'm sure he would have said he played well. Every question was about how he (Federer) had played. Typical case of the media fishing for something to write about.

    Anyway, this is all Off Topic so that's all I'll say.
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    Come on, don't be shy. :)

    It was expected. Spanish people hate the grass.
    Here's some proof;



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