Murray Withdraws From The AO


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I guess he had to push his training block back by a few weeks. It's unlikely he would have had much impact anyhow.

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The issue is even peak Murray was always laboring and unhappy on court and had to max out his game. No need to do all that just to break a tie with Stanimal 8-B
You can't judge someone as unhappy because of whinging. That's just the Murray style, getting irritated at small stuff. Obviously he knows he is much less happy not playing, though that could change in the future as it does for all of us when we accept that things must change.


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I'm confused. Is this the same as his chronic problems that took him out for so long?

The injury was initially described as a groin problem, now it's apparently a pelvic injury. No reference to his hip so far but you can't help wonder if there is a connection. If there is, I'm afraid I will have to agree with those who say it is now time for him to stop however much it kills me to say so. I can only hope this is not the case and that this new injury is not as career-threatening as the hip problem but it looks as if my hopes, briefly raised when he won Antwerp, are being dampened again. :(


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The issue is even peak Murray was always laboring and unhappy on court and had to max out his game. No need to do all that just to break a tie with Stanimal 8-B

Murray was never unhappy playing. He wouldn't have gone to all that trouble to sort out his hip so he can get back on court if that was ever the case. He's no more labouring and unhappy about playing than Nadal is. Both of them live for the game although Murray now has family priorities too.


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Just to be super clear. This is not the hip right?

I don't think Murray's mind is on unfinished business with the AO at all right now. Perhaps he's even taking it cautiously. I think he wants a few more years on Tour and appreciate it to it's fullest rather than being dead set on winning Slams again.

It’s a groin injury.


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A Nadal type draw? :)
Has Rafa ever had an easy draw?
This year Rafa had to play Federer in the SF, and last year Djokovic SF and marathon Del Potro QF.
And the best level of tennis Kyrgios ever played was vs. Rafa at 2014 Wimbledon, oh and Rafa met Kyrgios again this year (and Rafa had to win 2 tie-breakers).

The guy is obsessed with that bs.
Is better to leave him alone.
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Bionic Poster should have told every reasonable fan that that expectation to see Murray contend for Majors again is a pipe dream.
Murray won the last event he played and beat a three-time major champion in the final. Winning a major is something 99.8% of tennis pros never accomplish, Andy could still win 250's and 500's and stay in the top 10. I don't know why the matrix is suddenly, "either he wins slams or retires." That's way too insular a standard. The chances of Cilic or Stan ever winning another slam seem very, very remote, but they still play on.

All those complaining that Andy needs to retire obviously haven't watched the recent documentary about him on Amazon Prime. He has a tremendous love for the game and will uncover any stone to try and be relevant in tennis again. That should be celebrated instead of denigrated.