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He's young. Novak still has time to inflate his stats. That's good.
By Roger-Time, Novak’s got at least 5 years of slam winning years possible w probably no Fed in sight.

28? 30? or more slams?

Honestly what’s in his way except Rafa @ RG and inerrant ball swipes?

(sorry for saying “ball swipes” - eeeooohhhwww.)


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Musetti seems to have come from nowhere. Even the commies don't seem to know anything about him. I thought they attended grassroots tournaments just to get a feel of what's on the ground.
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I was worried Musetti was going to face a block against a guy like Nishikori, but as of now he seems to be doing great. Monfils’ score as of right now at the Italian Open is worrying.


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I bet Stan walked onto the court to brush aside a rookie qualifier and got stung. Maybe Stan's coach had never heard of Musetti let alone see him play.


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Musetti is one of a group of talented young Italian players. Sinner, Musetti, Nardi, Zeppieri, Darderi. Someone thinks such abundance comes from a change in the federal politics. No longer a federal center where young players could grow Up. Just support on site with local trainers.
Read that Musetti has been coached by the same one since 8 years old. That they have a close bond.
That COULD be a winning formula too!

He is the first player winning an ATP match from his birth year.


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Musetti is part of the #diamondgen @Meles

Yep. @stringertom turned me onto both he and Sinner and preferred Musetti for his elegant strokes. Didn’t see much of little Mus since Stan was only his 2nd atp level match. Sinner of course played earlier and was a wow. Jannik about 7 months older. Fans call Rublev Jannick now much to Medly’s amusement. Big Muss‘s court and statues


Kid seems to have some dynamism. Looks more like a tennia player than the other guys too. We'll have to see.