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The Music Game

All right, this is a thread topic that I saw in another forum I frequent. It has by far been the most popular thread on that board with over 100,000 posts. Easy to play, everyone can do it. The rules are simple:

Post the title of a song, and the artist. It must contain 1 word that the previous post (song title) contained. Song titles count, artist names don't. Bold the word you're making the connection with.


Post 1. Rock The Casbah - The Clash

Post 2. Like A Rock - Bob Seger

Post 3. Walk Like A Man - Grand Funk Railroad

Post 4. It's A Man's World - James Brown

Post 5. A World OF Fantasy - Triumph

Etc etc. Easy, right. Generally words like it, and, the, of, don't count, but sometimes that is all you can work with, so be it. Try to refrain from using one-word titles, like Guilty - Gravity Kills, because it really puts a crimp on the next guy. Let's see how this plays out.

Any type or genre of music is cool, and I promise not to laugh at your musical tastes. I'll start with a long title, so it shouldn't be a problem finding the next tune to go with it.

I'm Your Captain (I'm getting Closer To My Home) - Grand Funk Railroad


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Is this really the most popular thread on this "other" board?

It really can't be a very interesting board!