My Asian K-90 set-up.

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by rfmad, Mar 29, 2008.

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    Jan 27, 2007
    After much searching and trading I have settled in on the Wilson K-90 Asian version with some customization.

    For those of you who have had problems with the weight of the US K-90 you need to give the lighter asian version a try.

    I have 2 identical Asian K-90 with 4 1/2 grips. Both stung with Federer's string set-up of All Rough and Gut at 52 and 54 lbs respectively.

    Here is where it gets interesting.

    I decide to remove the leather grip( 22 grams) and replaced 1 layer duck tape and 2 wraps of wilson over grip 8 grams total. Net 14 grams of weight removed. Grip size is slightly smaller than the 4 1/2" with leather grip but more than a 4 3/8" . My racquet are now 236 grams strung and pretty close to if not head heavy. I love this set-up and find it much more manuverable Than the US version and not bad on the arm at all.

    I am thinking of adding a little more duck tape to the handle to build up the grip slightly and add a little weight to the handle for more balance. I'll post the results when I do this. Until then....

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