my babolat PDT+ ...need help ..please.. :D

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Lazarus_jerry, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. hellow everyone, I need advise..i'm newbie in tennis, i'm started to play about 5 month ago
    and last week i buy a new racquet "babolat Pure drive team plus", i string it at 58 lbs, is that wrong? Because i feel uncomfort using this racquet, btw how much strength (lbs) I should string my babolat PDT+ ?for beginners like me :confused: …….
  2. ragnaROK

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    May 31, 2004
    you can to string it a few pounds lower. i think discomfort is to be expected from rackets as stiff as the PD+ especially if you're a beginner and probably shanking the ball a lot. what kind of string are you using?
  3. Final_Match_Point

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    Apr 6, 2006
    You Really shouldnt have bought a racquet like that if your a begginer. You prolly dont have all the baisic strokes down, or the proper stance to execute a proper forehand. Also, the pd+ is a very stiff racquet, however, if your at 58lbs, what was the lbs and the specs of the last racquet you used.

    I have a pricne tt-scream (69 stiffnes rating) and i had it strung at 65 lbs, but i wanted a bit more comfort on my arm, so i lowered it to 55lbs
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    Lots of advice, but without all the info.

    What kind of string is in the racquet? Maybe all that's needed is a softer string.

    Is the ball being hit properly? Might be a skill problem and nothing to do with the frame or strings at all.

    Too hard to say what the problem is. The original poster didn't even help much, but kept it vague with "uncomfort". What's that? Vibration? Maybe a string dampener would help? I don't know.

    But before you run out and cut your string and pay for another stringjob, find the problem FIRST.
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    i bought the babolat pdt + when i was a beginner. first time i use it, ok, i's a bit terrible, now it's perfect mainly becos i practice. practice it against the wall, volley or groundstroke, everything....then after a few weeks, you'll get used to it. actually babolat ppdt+ are perfect for has a real balance between control and power...:mrgreen:
  6. I'm using Prince top spin plus 16 on my bb pdt+
    I don't know its about skill problem or racquet or string, but the fact is : i hit well n better with my old racquet ( Prokennex .. spec Head : 90 sq inch , length 26,5inch , weight 150gr , string prince topspin 16 at 58lbs)……

    "uncomfort" mean : i feel hard to use this racquet …I hit the ball with power , but the ball still running slow n often it hit the net, if I hit harder the ball will goes high and out of the court … so terrible… btw i'm already use shock dampeners ............ sorry my english is bad :)
  7. friend also say that way...that's why i bought this racquet... :neutral:
  8. help.... what string should i use ? and what about the tension of the string .. :) ..

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