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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by canadad, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. canadad

    canadad Semi-Pro

    Aug 7, 2010
    This is my first review ever, don't expect any incredible insights. BB London Tour Reivew based on my first hit.

    Frame of reference: I am in my mid thirties, am about a 4.5 when in shape, and I am not in shape. I have a proficient 1hbh and a forehand that sits somewhere in between old school and modern. I mostly hit topspin, but I do mix flat and slice in. I have fairly fluent strokes, as I had excellent coaching as a junior. I have a pretty big first serve and a good but slow kicker second serve. Currently I am using a BB London 98.

    *This review is based on my first 2 hour hit with this racquet.

    Backhand: I have always hit my 1hbh better with mid-sized racquets. I am not sure what it is, but with this stroke I just seem to do it right with the mid-sized frames. I was not able to hit great topspin(it was there though), but flat and slice were awesome. The ball was skidding off the court. This and the Pacific Vacuum 90 are the best slicing racquets I have ever used. I was laughing at one point at how well I was hitting the ball down the line.

    Forehand: I found when hitting forehands with this stick I could not afford to be lazy. I needed to move my feet, get into position and have good technique. I was actually quite inconsistent at first, while acclimatizing to the racquet I was hitting both long and into the net. Once I found a groove I was hitting well, really well. I was not getting the same clearance over the net as with my other London, but I was consistent. I felt I could swing a lot harder than usual and get the ball in. Even though the Tour is less powerful than my London 98, the amount of pace I was comfortably hitting was higher with the Tour. Returning high balls was especially fun, I felt like I could swing downwards and crush the ball with confidence.

    Approach: Chipping and charging was excellent with good directional control. Slicing low balls on the approach was better than with my London 98. The other approach I usually hit is the topspin approach on both sides. I once again I felt I could swing out and get the ball deep and in with good directional control.

    Volleys: Exactly what I expected, precise and maneuverable. Pretty good at the net, I am better with my London 98, but hey it was my first hit.

    Serves: I did not hit many, but not really anything spectacular, but not bad either.

    Somewhat Meaningless Numeric Scores:(I hate these because many of us I am sure have different attributes we would base these on): Scale of 1 to 10. --->1 Being the worst experience ever and 10 being other worldly.
    Backhand: 8.5
    Forehand: 8
    Slice: 9
    Topspin: 7
    Serves: 7.5
    Consistency: 9
    Control: 8.5
    Power: 7
    Controllable Pace: 8.5
    Bottom line: I had to work harder with this racquet and could not afford to be lazy. Due to the fact that I could not be complacent, I was rewarded with elevated play. Switching back and forth during play from the 98 to the 93 Tour made it clearly evident that the 98 is more forgiving and easier to play with. However, easier does not mean better, results are what matter and results were great with the Tour. If I had to say what frame I was playing better with on that day, I would have to say the Tour. Lately I have been scared off by hearing that a racquet is not forgiving. I had to adjust to this frame, and in turn work harder to use it, as a byproduct of that my game was clicking. Alas, I have had honeymoon periods with many racquets, time will tell.
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  2. Fuji

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    Aug 30, 2010
    Good review, will you be doing a follow up in the future? :)

  3. APG

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    Mar 23, 2008
    Good review. It appears this racket has a limited following because it is a bit unforgiving. I have settled into my X10 but still also playing a bit with my IG prestige mp. When I am just hitting I really enjoy the feel of this stick. I have no problem with my 2hb but the forehand requires good footwork & prep.Serves and volleys ok with no issue. I play a lot of doubles and it ends up too demanding for me although I wish that It would work being an old school guy. I am a low 4.0 at best so match plays requires a different stick. Appreciate your review and I am curious what others experience is like playing with this racket.
  4. canadad

    canadad Semi-Pro

    Aug 7, 2010
    Yeah, I plan to follow up, but I am fairly lazy so we'll see.

    I kind of learned here that demanding racquets will force you to put in more effort. In this case I reaped the benefits from more effort. We'll see what happens when I am playing poorly. Those racquets you mentioned are on my radar.
  5. achokshi99

    achokshi99 Rookie

    Sep 12, 2009
    I had written something similar about the London in that it can prob be a phenomenal stick in a skilled player.

    I use the BB DCP which is an awesome stick for me.


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