MY Demos....Please Review!!!

Andy Zarzuela

Hey guys, I've decided to try out a few racquets that complement my hard hitting flat strokes. Yonex has always been my favorite brand and always will be. My demos are:

Yonex RDX 500 MP (98)- The reason I demoed this racquet is because it is the closest thing to the Yonex RDS001. I do not have the time to wait several weeks for the demo to come availble. I used to won an RDS001 Mid 90, but I had trouble finding the sweet spot. If I like this one the best, I will definitely be getting the RDS version.

Yonex RDX 300 MP (98)- I have heard a lot of good things about this racquet. I have been doing well with Yonex frames with similar specs. However, If I like this one the best, then I am not sure whether I'll get this or the RDS003.

Head Flexpoint Instinct. I used to play with the Liquidmetal version. To this day, I still think I played some of my best tennis with that stick; however, I broke 3 of them from normal play, so I had to go another route. I hope this new version isn't as fragile and still has as good of playability.

I was just wanting your input. Do you think it'd be wise to purchase the newer versions of the racquets I'm demoing? Thanks...
Hiya Andy,

I used to use a Prince O3 Red. I thought I had found my stick... until... I used a Flexpoint Instinct. I cannot fault this racquet. Its crisp, clean, and powerful. I am not a string or racquet breaker so that does not come into itfor me. Most of my strokes are flat (altho am trying to change that) and the Instinct keeps up with me.

Hope this helps.


Try Yonex RDX 500 MP, many positive feedback in this forum (try using search). I also moved from Prince Diablo OS to Yonex RDX 500 MP and I felt this Yonex it's more comforts with similar/more spin making capability (using same stroke technic and power).