My Doggo in a 60 second sudden death playoff in frisbee dog contest *vid*


Every year since my dog was a pup (he's 4) I enter him into the local frisbee dog contest in our local Uni's Picnic Day celebration. This year he did well in the preliminary round and advanced to the final where he ended in a tie for 3rd with a Blue Heeler (beautiful cattle dog) so the organizers called for a 1 minute 'throw off' for 3rd place in beginner division.

My doggo is always at a disadvantage because he is so small - you get a exponentially better score the longer the throw/catch and higher the jump. Not to mention the bigger faster dogs can run back quicker, getting more opportunities for throws. So basically to have a chance we have to be pretty perfect.

Oh yeah I had to throw left handed due to a wrist injury! (excuses excuses)
The beginning wasn't so promising...