My First Bad Experience in League Tennis

Discussion in 'Adult League & Tournament Talk' started by lordmanji, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. lordmanji

    lordmanji Guest

    So I'm a 3.0 player with a developing kick serve, pretty decent technique on groundies. My partner and I played against another team in mixed doubles, 6.0 and its my second league match ever.

    On one point i call out the score, 30-15 but the other lady insists that it's 30-15 their way. I tell her that no, it's not and i tell how we won each of the points. during this time, her partner was silent. so we're standing there debating for like five minutes, both of our teams off the court are looking at us and so im tired of it. i just want to play and have fun so i suggest we go back to the last agreed upon score, 15-15. she flatly rejects the offer.

    so im like whatever, let's just play and give them 30-15. i end up serving it out and winning the game but during the tiebreak it kind of stuck with me and we lost. in second set no excuses i ran outta gas and we lost. but yeah, i thought it was really stupid. im pretty that they wouldve had to comply with my scoring if i had stood my ground and said this is the score. my teammates later told me that i was right. but yeah...i was just thinking about how i apologized for smashing at her partner and now im not sorry that i did although woulda been nice if it was at her.

    oh one more thing: during entire match she kept telling me how i need to yell out cuz she couldnt hear me. now i play with my team and my friends sets all the time and they have no problem hearing me. i think it mightve been gamesmanship or shes deaf.
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  2. darkblue

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    Jul 26, 2005
    Middle of nowhere, USA
    there will always be odd players out there... no point in getting upset over each one..
    if there's a score dispute during a match, get your captain (if u aren't one).
    arguments over the score can be first attempted to be resolved through participation of the captains. usually, it comes down to: Yes or No.
  3. Voltron

    Voltron Hall of Fame

    Sep 18, 2006
    Pffft, like I'd know
    You ran into a Class A b!tch. I new a guy like that, he too was a Class A b!tch in my book.
  4. raiden031

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    Aug 31, 2006
    I wonder if you're playing in my league? You aren't in MD are you? I could probably guess the player that was disputing over the score with you.
  5. Cindysphinx

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    Aug 31, 2006
    Raiden, :) :)

    The Code:

    "Disputes. Disputes over the score shall be resolved by using one of
    the following methods, which are listed in the order of preference:
    • count all points and games agreed upon by the players and
    replay only the disputed points or games;
    • play from a score mutually agreeable to all players;
    • spin a racket or toss a coin."

    You aren't allowed to consult spectators or captains.

    In this situation, I'd suggest that we start from last score we all know to be correct: 15-15. If that's not good enough, spin a racket.

    So the lady was accusing you of being a Low Talker, eh?

    When that happens, you can use your partner as your echo. When you call out the score (well before you begin your service motion), you can have your partner repeat it, as she is closer to the hearing impaired individual across the net.

    Hang in there!
  6. lordmanji

    lordmanji Guest somewhere on the west coast...
  7. Topaz

    Topaz Legend

    Jun 18, 2005
    As Cindy already pointed out...know the rules! Use them!

    And, honestly, there are hard of hearing tennis players out there...unless you know for sure otherwise, why not just say the score louder? Scream it if you have to!
  8. Silentgunz

    Silentgunz Rookie

    May 10, 2006
    Van Buren, Arkansas
    something like that happened to me also, this guy serves it and it was out, he said it was down the line but i saw it and it was clearly out like by a foot. so i tell him that was out, then he starts arguing with me and i go how about u reserve, he goes no and i was like ok watever you can have the point after 5 mins of arguing. the game was 2-2 at first pretty close,but i was very angry cause he kept questioning all my calls like are you sure ? like everytime . so i started hitting it as hard as i could everytime and i beat him 8-2
  9. Sakkijarvi

    Sakkijarvi Semi-Pro

    Jan 8, 2007
    Sign the score

    I've held up fingers with the score:

    3 fingers followed by five = 30-15

    4 followed by 5 = 40-15

    4 followed by 3 = ad in

    ...and so on.
  10. Sakkijarvi

    Sakkijarvi Semi-Pro

    Jan 8, 2007
    <So I'm a 3.0 player with a developing kick serve>

    I haven't run into too many 3.0 players with any form of kick serve! Most of them specialize in the Nerf serve, and that as their first serve.
  11. lordmanji

    lordmanji Guest

    ya i know what you mean. i had a flat serve i could get in about 45 percent of the time prior and it actually used to be a bit fast. but im investing in the future and have been hitting all kick serves in every match i play, official or not, for the past four-five months. it's kinda cool. i get alot of compliments on it. but i need to work on a more consistent toss and pace.
  12. Sakkijarvi

    Sakkijarvi Semi-Pro

    Jan 8, 2007
    Moving on up to the east side...

    You won't be a 3.0 for long then...I'm using a similar approach. Playing in a singles league and allowing myself to lose points, games and a couple of matches while working on new stuff to move me toward the future. It's really coming together and I'm planning to enter a bunch of USTA singles tournaments this spring to try out the new game I've developed in my in-house league.

  13. Netgame

    Netgame Rookie

    Jan 2, 2007
    Wilmington, DE
    It seems the lower the class (6.0, 7.0, etc) the more gamemanship goes on. There are exceptions, but I find the I have a lot more problems when I play mixed as opposed to men's. In general, a higher % of women really call the lines close, anything near the line is o-u-t.

    When you make a call on your opponents shot, it is YOUR call. No matter how much they scream stick to your call, unless you are not sure after all.

    Also, when I'm putting away a short overhead, the women tend to stand where you are going to hit it, and then complain when you hit them.

    Many opponents don't know that they cannot call their own serve out. If the receiving team plays the serve and doesn't call it out, then the serving team is not allowed to say "it was out".
  14. rasajadad

    rasajadad Hall of Fame

    Apr 24, 2006
    Western MA
    BTW, you don't have to yell out line calls. The rules allow for hand signals as well. So although your opponent may be deaf, she might not be blind.
  15. TriCitiesTennis

    TriCitiesTennis New User

    Nov 18, 2006
    We have a winner here. You never have to give an audible signal.
  16. J011yroger

    J011yroger G.O.A.T.

    Feb 2, 2007
    Long Island, NY
    I think this must be true...I play open, and everyone I play (for the most part) is a devoted tennis player, who has been playing most of his life. At this point we have all held up the trophy, we have all gotten whipped in the first round, and we all know that we are never going to be in the top 100 in the world. And we have all played enough matches and been around enough tennis to know what is really important, and what makes you look like a jerk. For most of us, our tennis is our reputation, and to be anything short of a great sportsman is something we don't want put upon us. Tennis is clicky enough, and when you get higher up in ability, there are fewer and fewer players, and it seems like everyone knows everyone. I hear all of these horror stories about leagues, and so forth, and am constantly amazed, as 99% of the people I play with are great people, and if they aren't then I don't play with them again.
  17. Sakkijarvi

    Sakkijarvi Semi-Pro

    Jan 8, 2007
    Hand Signals R Us

    Yeah, I should have mentioned in my previous post that I always use prompt hand signals for balls that are out, as well as close balls that are in. Palm down for the latter, same as signaling a right turn while driving a car (or snowmobile, say) for out.

    I hate when my opponents use weak verbal signals, back turned to me, for in or out, often with a delay. Sometimes they don't even report, they just get ready for their next serve, sometimes not calling out the score. Annoying. When I run into this I don't ask for the score. I just begin verbally reporting on every point to fill their void.

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  18. blakesq

    blakesq Professional

    Dec 11, 2006
    won game anyway

    Since you won the game, I don't see why you let it bother you. I know, sometimes we can't control what bothers us, but you should look at the big picture, you won the game, even the you got cheated on the score of the game.

  19. stutennis

    stutennis Guest

    you can get an official

    There was some discussion about how you can't get the captains to help resolve the score. I know you can always summon an official to help sort it out according to the rules, and perhaps the captains substitute for an official?
  20. Raiden.Kaminari

    Raiden.Kaminari Semi-Pro

    Nov 21, 2006
    Fully agree with you here!

    And people who want to win at tennis without honor, usually act without integrity in other parts of their life. It's just that in tennis (or any sport, actually), the real personality comes out. So if you have someone you know cheats, most likely it will be a matter of time before they try to cheat you in real life (like borrow money and never repay by lying, etc.)
  21. jamauss

    jamauss Hall of Fame

    Jan 25, 2006
    I've played against some guys that are low-talkers and you can barely make out what they're saying the score is because they mumble it under their breath before starting their serve.

    I've asked opponents (I almost always ask during changeovers) if they could call out the score a little louder because "I" was having trouble hearing it (I put the blame on myself) and because of the way I mention it I usually never have my request received with contempt.

    One time I asked the guy if he could call out the score louder after the first point of the game, 15-0. He said, loud enough so I could hear, "I'd think you could remember the score after you just lost the first point." I just said, "thanks, you're a real sport." in a real sarcastic tone and we kept playing.

    Just be prepared to meet all kinds of different personalities if you're gonna play league matches. Sport brings out the best and worst in people.
  22. spiderman123

    spiderman123 Professional

    Aug 17, 2006
    I had read somewhere that to know the integrity of a person, play tennis for money with them.
  23. Nick Irons

    Nick Irons Semi-Pro

    Jan 25, 2007
    Cape Fear
    I totally subscribe to this thought and Tennis as a sport leads the statistics in bringing out the worst in people.

    I've played sports my whole life, basketball gym rat for 20 years, baseball until I was 19 ... but then there was tennis.

    Tennis brings out the most kooks in any sport. Just plain whackos and headcases. I've had (and seen) so many incidents of players just being weird; like, their personality comes out (And that aint a good thing). Cheaters, headcases, poor sports ....

    I wonder why tennis seems to lead the charge on this ? I've always thought that it is like the Anti-Jock sport. It can be agressive but is non contact; unlike a baseball, football or basketball where you are forced to physically compete against another person. I am referring specifcally to body contact.

    Tennis is like a sport that the 'non-jocks', the people who aren't into physically making contact (so to speak) can play. One can be agressive without being agressive. There is a net, seperating you from the other person, there is distance between you and them. It's like, they act this way because they don't have to really confront you.

    That's my theory anyway.

    For 20 years, I have played basketball in gyms, the blacktop, leagues with hundreds and hundreds (thousands really) of different players and teams and barely can recall a few people who were 'Kooky' .. but tennis ? Man, advance through one tourney a few rounds or play league for a week or two and the freaks come out at night.
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