My first goodwill haul!


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Atlleast your still on the courts, assuming pickleball has taken over tennis courts in Austin as well :(
Some classic hits would be fun and get me back on the courts, have been retired from tennis most of this year :(
Id bring a bike since I do love cycling in Austin (and the food and brews, recently went to The Brewtorium Brewery & Kitchen) :)
Believe it or not, most of the Pickleball in the Austin area is gym floors that have been striped for yet ANOTHER sport!!! :)
Austin TC has "perverted" their junior tennis courts for Pickleball...not perfect; but not bad. For better or worse, there are times when the Pickleball courts are very busy and the tennis courts are empty(or close to empty).

IF I wanted to play on outdoor hard courts, our HOA would be hearing a LOT more from me!!!(Five tennis courts with one separate from the others and just waiting to become two Pickleball courts).

We live right on the Brushy Creek Regional Hike and Bike Trail, if that's the kind of riding you like. I'd be glad to join you!!