My first International tournament

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I'm Fernando from France, I've made my first international tournament this week. Infortunatly I've lose one turn before the big tournament during the qualification. But it was a great experience and lots of fun. :p

I've made a photo reportage with my coach and the french team. in this tournament Open Super 12 we where 23 nations and 26 tennis ligues.

It's in french and in english

You want to comments or to give your own experience visit my reportage and give your comments in the topic.

Sorry for my bad english I'm only 12 years old.

Sportily ;-)
That's terrific Fernando. I'm glad you are such a good player and still having fun, which is the most important thing for a young kid like you!

Your site was nice. When you say players who made the "orange ball" do you perhaps mean "orange bowl"?

Anyways, congratulations. It looks like you've had some great results in tournaments. Keep playing!

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Thanks for your messages,

Yes when I say Orange ball it's of course Orange Bowl, :(
The tournament was in French Bretagne only 700 Kms near my house.

It's was great and I want to practive more in order next time to be qualified.

Sportily. ;)

NB : I'm so sorry for my bad english but I try to improve.... :p

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News for my next tournaments on clay...


I have stop tournament for the moment, because in France we are waiting for the clay saison. It's start in april.

The next tournament are :
French qualification 12 years old (national tournament),
and perhaps 2 or 3 more tournaments in my departement.

Fernando. ;)
(Waiting to play outdoor in clay courts.... :p )