My first USTA Flex League

Discussion in 'Adult League & Tournament Talk' started by bryanalban, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. bryanalban

    bryanalban New User

    Jul 14, 2009
    Hi all,

    So I'm in my first flex league and I have a question about court scheduling. I usually just play on public courts, but with a league match, I'm guessing that is frowned upon, since people might be waiting for a court, and you can't stay on a court for 2 hours while people are waiting.

    So do you guys reserve a pay court?

    How much time should I reserve?

    Who pays - me or do I ask the opponent to split the cost?

    Thanks, and any other flex league tips would be greatly welcome.
  2. skipcromer

    skipcromer New User

    Aug 7, 2011
    Couple of options:

    In the flex leagues I play in if there is a wait (or it looks like there might be a wait by the end of our match) I suggest that we play a super tiebreaker if it goes 3 sets. 10 game pro set is also an option.
  3. mightyrick

    mightyrick Legend

    Aug 19, 2010
    Austin, TX
    I refuse to play league matches on pay courts. It seems like you either get into a situation where you can't finish the match because you go over the reserved time -- thus declaring a rainout -- or you have to reserve too much time and you end up being done quickly -- wasting everyone's money.

    Just get to know the public courts in your area well enough to understand their schedules. That includes high school tennis courts.
  4. goober

    goober Legend

    Jun 9, 2004
    If I play on a pay court, I insist on a 10 point tiebreaker in lieu of a 3rd set ahead of time to deal with the time constraints- unless you know for sure that they will let you go over the time limit. Some places are not that busy and it is fine. It has never been a problem.

    Public courts I agree that you basically have to know them well to use them. try to pick public courts that have 6-8 courts so it is unlikely you will get kicked off. Community courts with 1-2 courts are not ideal unless you know they are rarely used.
  5. MambaT

    MambaT Rookie

    May 17, 2011
    Sounds like it may be different in different areas, but my Flex division rules require a 10 pt tiebreaker in lieu of a third set.

    Also, the 'home' player on the schedule brings a can of balls and pays for the court, if there is a charge. I usually offer to split it anyway, if I am 'away'.
  6. iantrevor

    iantrevor New User

    Sep 3, 2011
    That is very kind to do. I will begin my 1st such league this autumn and, I assume, this is a decently common thing to do, right? Would it be proper to do the same when I am the away player?
  7. MambaT

    MambaT Rookie

    May 17, 2011
    Well, not necessarily 'proper' because the rule is home pays (for us anyway). People do seem to appreciate it. Not everyone accepts. But come to think of it, I am not sure anyone has offered when I was home, either...

    One thing I will suggest is that you be prepared for not being able to control what balls are used when you are away. Regular Duty felt can play havoc with your tension if you do not have something strung a little tighter in your bag.

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