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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by ronin, May 29, 2004.

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    Mar 8, 2004
    First of all ,
    I would like to thank to all those that helped me to choose
    my new frame.

    Becasue I'm from Israel I can't really demo sticks at all , and it was
    hard to me to decide between the PC and the Diablo Mid only by
    reviews and yours posts.

    And to my mini review:

    I strung it with Gosen basic synth. @57lbs .
    I played about 2 hours before this post.
    (By the way, Is GOSEN a good choise??)

    Groundstrokes - Awesome control and good solid feel with decent power from the racquet when I put all my weight behind my shots.
    Great frame for topspins but I found the PC hard to slice with it.

    Volleys - Not bad, not bad at all. I found good accuracy on my volleys and even that I was not used to the stick's weight I was able to smash overheads and touch was nice too.

    Serves - I felt a bit of the Woofer but I think that I had to use a lot of arm to serve hard (mybe it is the tension) . I can absolutly say that the control was good but I still need an adjustment time from serving with my regular racquet. By the way, I found the PD to be a better serving frame.

    Overall - It's a bit heavy for me and I still need time to adjust it
    but with it's control and mybe with lower tension it will turn out to be a real Big Banger for baseliners like me. my topspins are great, I never controled well the ball before and I was consistent on my groundies.




    The Wilson nCode of Federer is already sell'in in my local tennis club .

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