My LTD black IV's came in (pics)

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Wow, that does look better than the TW pics. :) Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't order a pair. They seem to be sold out of my size 9. :(


They look sharp!!... and as other posters have mentioned, in your pictures they look much better then the images here on TW.


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Yeah, I don't like them much either, but they would be cool to have. Congratulations on your new shoes lol.
they look great. From a distance people would think that its not a barricade (which is a good thing). I wish they'd make a Porsche Barricade or a Goodyear Barricade....


Well, I got my LTD's yesterday. My impression: They look pretty good...I love the front top where the black "mesh" weave is. It's crossed by rubber horizontal strips..very cool in an understated way. I was afraid these shoes would be ostentatious but most of the time my pant's covers the golden dragon effigy on the back. Of course not so in shorts but who cares.

I also bought a pair of Adidas black socks and they feel great and match the shoes well. The shoes are a tad snug (I have somewhat broad feet) and the heel cushioning is a little hard. The tongue of the shoe doesn't move at all. Of course it's a bit on the heavy side. These are my first Adidas shoes.


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Very impressive! I think you made a great purchase. It the right color for doing anything - even some casual dress events!


Does anyone know when another batch are arriving, i wanted the 11's but they were gone in like week :(


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Kind of cool looking. I like the patent leather but being asian, having a dragon on my shoes might be feeding to the stereotype.


Follow up: Ok the shoes are snug and of course look cool. The heel cushioning has softened up. But...

It ain't all lovey dovey. I previously had Nike Zoom Air (the black durable ones) so I wanted similar black cool tennis shoes with a lotta durability cause I walk in 'em a lot as well. Yeah the LTD's are cooler looking but man, these babies feel substantially heavier. My old Zoom Air's are significantly lighter in comparison and they're not know for being light shoes.

So..would I get Barricades again? Nope..a bit too heavy for me...gonna go back to Nike eventually.

Btw, how do I upload pics here?


Then make it and show us pictures. We also expect the durability of the shoe, along with every single aspect of workmanship to be in yours.
LOL. Yeah it was about the money. A couple of days though Jackie??? I make that in seconds (my name is Bill).