My new favorite string setup is... !!!

Ashaway Kevlar 16 / Prince Tournament Nylon 15L.

This old school set up, in stiff, open-patterned, high-swingweight frames has rejuventated my game.

This thread is a continuation of my "going back to locked stringbeds" thread:“locked-stringbeds”.617494/

I have already been having great success using this setup in doubles for a while, and now I've found a racquet where this stringbed works great in singles too.

In my Yonex VCORE 100 Lite, shortened to 26.75", leaded up with five layers of lead tape at 10 and 2 to bring the swingweight to 360 kg-cm^2, 12.52" balance, about 13.4 oz, (and MgR/I tuned to 21.0 or course), this string combo is working great at 52 lbs.

Volleys crisp and precise and has excellent launch angle control on groundies, yet amazingly it doesn't feel like I'm sacrificing spin at all. I can still shape my shots with spin and control the arc and depth well. I suspect that the high effective mass coupled with the stiffer stringbed is creating enahnced spin from extra ball-flattening effect, so much that the snapback is not needed, and that ball flattening is a superior mechanism to access spin than snapback, because it doesn't come at the cost of launch angle control.

I feel like the snapback, max-out-the-rpm, poly-type spin craze sucked me in a decade ago, and my game hasn't been the same since. The extra spin turned me into a spinner/counterpuncher with less confidence to approach the net. But... I'm back!!!!

I feel like I can dictate points and come forward with confidence again. Weirdly, it feels like it's not just my volleys and approach shots that are better. It's pretty much every shot. Returns, slices, serves, passes, even lobs and moonballs are more accurate.

It's also nice that I feel like my stringbed is more long-term stable than when I was relying on snapback. I was having to tune my frame every few days before, but now I feel like my strings stay the same and my weighting specs are not drifting like they did when I needed my mains to slide.

Also, I feel like the thicker 15L gauge synthetic gut has much better feel, with better spin than when I use a thinner syn gut cross. I'm not sure why, but the thicker nylon really pairs nicely with the kevlar mains. This setup might not be for everyone, but it works great for me and I love it.

I used kevlar / syn gut before (from my junior year of high school in 1990, all the way through about 2006), so this is not new(and has a familar feel). But now I have the added benefit of a frame with well-tuned weight distrubution, and more experience too!
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I assume thorough pre-stretch for both strings too?

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Actually, I’ve found it’s much less critical to prestretch with this setup because the locking effect occurs in the first half hour of hitting, which tightens up the feel and offsets the breakin softening. So I didn’t bother. However, i preweave the Kevlar mains before pulling tension and walking off the slack, and I bounce the dropweight a few times on each pull of the nylon crosses to give a good stretch on the nylon crosses.
What's happening with your new reel of Evolution? I doubt I could afford it; just curious.
I stuck it in the crosses on my Solinco with Kevlar/poly 50/30, but haven’t played with it. Been enjoying my locked stringbed setups so much lately that the “spin” stringbeds just don’t feel right anymore. I’d happily trade in my Evo for some more Kevlar. It’s hard to see myself using poly again.