My New tennis racket (RF97A black)

Martin B.

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Didn't spend much time looking at the video, but it doesn't look like you're using your body very much. A lot of arm in it. Turn your torso to help generate power. You don't have to do a loop (WTA style I believe). That is how I was taught as well, but I am trying to transition to a more ATP style with a shorter backswing.
It`s like a lazy forehand i do when we don`t play points. When im playing a match i put some body into it, actually also using too much force and too fast swing from low to high that i frame the ball but i`ve already said it in the previous posts. This racket definitely doesn`t need you to force it, it does things itself especially when you flatten the shot it. But let`s come back to the cross court forehand topic. I am pretty sure some of the guys including me probably are never gonna be that good at doing it like Federer does it because think about it... when he does it his wrist is super laggy and loose which leads to a very whippy motion which for topspin generation is amazing and i`d say the only way to generate topspin with eastern forehand or extreme eastern which is actually a lot better and easier but the thing is the possibility of you framing the ball with this technique is so much higher than just using Nadal-like crosscourt forehand technique. The thing is the racket is too heavy for that and i don`t like the idea of having my shoulder hurt. For now I feel the racket very light and i have the strength needed to control it. Maybe i should film myself when i play points and post a video of a point here or at least of a forehand :) . Please keep going guys, its interesting.


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Took the leather grips off of mine and added synthetic. A great deal less stress on my wrist and it made the overall weight a bit less. Became much easier to serve. Not sure this will solve your issue but it made a big difference with my frames. Have 7 and they all have synthetic grips with Wilson pro over grips.
I swapped the leather grip on mine with a babolat skin feel synthetic grip, added a small amount of lead at 12 to get it a bit more head heavy. I really didn't like how head light it was, all the weight was in the handle and throat just making my mechanics feel awkward. It's probably more like 3/4 pts HL now, and the weight is down just slightly because that leather grip weighed a lot.

Doing this really made a difference for me and changed the balance, I love the way it feels now. Swings more like a pendulum. I have settled on using gosen og sheep micro 16g syngut mains at 59 lbs with red code wax 17g cross at 55.5 lbs. It's a poor mans champions choice that lasts longer. Why is the RF such an addictive frame?