My personal string reviews.

Discussion in 'Strings' started by Mbautista, Oct 2, 2008.

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    These are just some reviews of strings I've tried. Hope it helps anyone wanting to try some strings.

    Head Synthetic gut 16/17g @55lbs - Broke this string twice easily, very cheap, not so good playability. OK for beginners or people that just want to hit for fun.

    Wilson Sensation 17g @55lbs - plays well, but loses tension very fast and move around like crazy. Freshly strung sensation has lots of good qualities, but loses them very fast. Pretty comfy until it goes dead.

    Pro Supex Big Ace 18g @52lbs - felt muted, dead, and gave me TE for the first time after years of playing. Very low powered string. Felt better after days of playing with it, but the TE it gave me forced me to cut it. If poly doesn't give you TE this string is good for those that like to generate their own power.

    Kneissl Poly 17g - not sure what tension it was strung at, it came with the kneissl red star I bought. Very dead stiff string.

    Babolat VS natural gut 17g @55lbs - (only 2 days playtime for now) - Comfy comfy comfy!, you can feel the difference right off the first hit compared to a multi/synthetic gut string. It pockets the ball well and has a lot of bite. Spin is easily generated, however, i'm having a hard time controlling the power.

    Head Rip Control 17g @ 62lbs - very soft string, but moves around like crazy. I can feel a trampoline effect when hitting with this ball. Good all around string, but not for me.

    Prince Syn Gut w/ Duraflex 16g @ 55lbs - possibly my favorite string. Good all around. Not too much power, enough spin, easy on the elbow, and pretty durable. My personal choice and proof that higher price doesnt always = better.

    Gosen Jim Courier 16g @ 55lbs - another good synthetic gut. Great all around playability, but doesnt hold as well as PSGD. I wish I could have tried some of this in 17g since it was my dad's favorite string.

    well thats all for now, I've got some Wilson K gut 17g on its way so I'll probably post a personal review on it later on.

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