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    When I hit with a partner my coach tells me to:
    Hit forehand and backhands crosscourt.
    Hit forehand and backhands down the line, or into the alley.
    Have the person your playing with be aggressive while I try to neutralize the ball so he or she can't be super aggressive. EX: hit the ball deep.
    vice versa: I hit aggressive he or she hits neutral back.
    Hit quick volleys for 20-30 minutes, of crosscourts and down the line ones.
    Play some points out.
    Warm up the serve slowly.
    Start a set.
    Spend the other time working on weaknesses or perfecting strengths.
    When I hit alone my coach tells me to:
    Hit as many serves possible.
    Work on hitting cones or targets in your mind such as out wide or down the tee.
    Try to see how many second serves you can hit in a row.
    Then hit on the ball machine and practice footwork
    My coach tells me to mix in sprints with long distance and go for high intensity rather than long medium intensity.
    Whats your practice like?

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