My quest: Finding the best overgrip (Results!)


have u tried babolat my grip overgrips...a bit less tacky than supergrap but I prefer that since its easier to switch between grips during play. It’s also soft and feels nice imo

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Anyone tried Tecnifibre Pro Players? The one with the perforations? I like perforations since I think the texture feels nice.

How does it compare to Yonex Supergrap, Wilson Pro, and Gamma Supreme?


I used up my stock of Wilson Pro Overgrip recently. They were reasonably priced, works pretty good for me, tacky enough when new. When they gets stained, I flip them so that I used them basically 4 times before I toss it. I overlap it about 50% generally to get a pretty cushioned feel, and I do not mind it does not cover the whole grip. I play one handed backhand anyway. Yes, I know I am cheap. When they are worn, they disintegrated and break up feel kind of like powder.

I have been impressed with ADV brand. It is supposed to be the "dry" type unlike the Wilson Pro "tacky" type. These are thicker and has felt type in the back, no adhesive. I cannot flip these to reuse, but they seems to last. I actually have not had to replace any of these on my sticks. But I do not play the same stick all the time. These are not as long so I do not overlap them so much. The finishing tape is very stretchy and sticky. Cannot reuse the tape at all. I would almost use these as thin replacement grip. I like these a lot.

I just started using the Solinco ones. I read somewhere someone compare them to Wilson pro OG, but I disagree. These has felt in the back, so I associate these with the dry type. Oops, I did put them on other people's stick but not my stick, so I cannot give my personal impression. They are not as thick as the ADV ones. They were on sale I think, when I bought them.


I've been using the AVD overgrips. I like them, so far. The true test will be in the upcoming months outdoors. The ones I really like using and have done great in the summer time are the Pointfore Supreme "the Grip".