My quick shoe reviews:Kswiss,Barricade,Prince,Wilson,Asics

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    I live near Los Angeles. I went to *port Chalet (store A) on one day and *acket Doctor (store B) the next. My Holy Grail shoe is the Head Games Low because they fit my orthotic well. Before that, I loved the Wilson Pro Staff Leather. My new shoe needs to fit my orthotic (plantar fascitis). I tend to like leather uppers because it forms to your foot. I put a premium on comfort and fit.

    I only tried them on in the store. I may take some back, but I think I have a winner.

    Store A

    Asics Gel Resolution 2-Man, felt way more plasticy than I thought they would. What a weird white, grey, and orange color. On my right foot, it felt like a piece of plastic was slightly jabbing my foot. They didn't seem that cushioned to me. It seems like the shoe last is low on the ankle. With my orthotic, it felt somewhat comfortable. I bought them because I am all out of shoes.

    Kswiss Stabilor SLS-Woah....real comfortable!!! And sort of wideish, but I like that. The shoelaces have "biceps". I have never liked Kswiss before, so I am sort of shocked. Out of box comfort. Seems like a synthetic leather upper. More comfortable than Asics. The shoes eyelets are sort of Barricadish. I had to go up 1/2 size to get the right fit.

    Barricade 5-Sort of stiff and clunky. They seem like super stable German tanks (heavy, good traction, and stable). They seemed to soften up a tad in the store. Not super comfy, but ok. They do need to loosen up over time. These look amazing. But, do I want to look amazing or be comfortable? Preferably both, but in the end: being comfortable wins out.

    Store B

    Prince Scream 3 Low-Toe box was sort of small and tight. Had Goodyear rubber. Overall, didn't like it.

    Wilson Tourspin-Oh my god. These feel like bedroom slippers. Light and comfortable. They need to start making shoes like this!!! Mesh uppers that form fit to your feet. Had to go 1/2 size down. Right orthotic was a bit too big and bunched up, otherwise I'd buy it. Very, very light (12.3 oz).

    Barricade 5-Yeah, I tried it again. Felt smaller than at store A, and not as comfortable. If I didn't wear orthotics, I would have bought Barricade 5 at store A or Wilson Tourspin at store B, or Kswiss Defier RS.

    Nike Court Ballistic 1.3-Had to go 1/2 larger. I hate this tongue less design. Not much room for toes in toe box. Sole seemed real stiff. Not for me.

    Kswiss Defier RS-I was about to leave store B disappointed (was close to buying Tourspin). I saw this shoe and decided to give it one more shot with this shoe. Woah........amazing comfort in a leather upper shoe!!! I could feel the leather forming to my feet. I love it! Out of the box comfort!!!! They felt real snug with no heel slippage. Nirvana!!!! I guess this shoe won Tennis Magazine stamp of approval and now I can see why!!! Never liked Kswiss before, now I love them. This shoe also had the shoelaces with "biceps".

    So, I guess I bought the Asics Gel Resolution 2, Kswiss Stabilor SLS, and Kswiss Defier RS. I'm taking back the Asics. It is down to the Stabilor vs Defier. I think Defier because of the leather. But I might keep both. Keep the Wilson Tourspin in my mind also. So...which was the big winner-KSWISS DEFIER RS!!!!!!! But Kswiss Stabilor SLS was a close second. Wilson Tourspin came in third.

    I hope this helps you.


    My Holy Grail shoe list:
    1-Head Games Low leather
    2-Kswiss Defier RS
    3-Kswiss Stabilor SLS
    4-Wilson ProStaff Leather Low
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    barricades will be more comfy the more you wear them and break them in.. i had the same trouble when i first got 'em and play for a couple weeks before they softened up.. now they are still providing some good cushion after about a month

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