My Racquet History -- What's yours?

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  1. Racquet history:

    1998: Some junior racquet from Wilson
    1999: Prince Thundercloud
    2001: Wilson Prostaff 85 (best racquet for control and precision, but developed tennis elbow)
    2002: Prince Airlaunch (my worst mistake ever)
    2004: Head LiquidMetal Instinct
    2005: Prince NXG Graphite midplus
  2. Deuce

    Deuce Banned

    Feb 13, 2004
    A not so parallel universe...

    You realize, of course, that every racquet company executive reading this thread is going to think "Hey - look at all the frames these guys are buying. I'll bet we could get away with discontinuing frames every 3 months instead of every 6 months like we do now."

    Ok... here we go...

    1980 :
    A black Fischer metal frame (butt end of handle broke off - probably from throwing it)

    1981 to approx. 1988 :
    Head Pro (red Head)
    Arthur Ashe Competition 1 & 3
    Head XRC (wonderful frame)
    Donnay CGX 25
    Dunlop Blue Max
    Kennex Copper Ace (great frame)
    Head Composite Edge

    1988 to 1996 (there were 3 or 4 years here where I hardly played) :
    Prince Magnesium 90 (exceptional frame)

    1996 to 1998 :
    Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85

    1998 to 2000 :
    Prince Magnesium 90 (got 4 white ones from Cedric Pioline - but they were almost dead)
    Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85
    Head Pro Tour 280

    2000 to 2001 :
    Dunlop MW 200G 90 (found them brand new for $65 each)

    2001 to 2003 :
    Head Classic Mid (found them brand new for $65 each, as well)
    Head Pro Tour 280
    Head Tour XL (cut to 27 inches)
    Fischer Vacuum Pro 90

    2003 to Present :
    Head Graphite Edge (love it)
    Head Graphite Edge 2 (love it)

    Also currently own a Head Graphite Pro, a Wilson Jack Kramer Pro Staff (wood), and 2 Head XRCs.
  3. JennyS

    JennyS Hall of Fame

    Jun 10, 2004
    Racquets I've used:

    as a kid I had some weird crappy metal racquet. I only used it a few times.

    when I started playing more often: I rotated between two Wilson titanium recreational racquets. One was the Striker and I forgot the other one. I also used a Prince Powerline Lite OS racquet for part of last year.

    Fall 2004-present-Babolat Pure Drive OS (I love it!) I also recently got a Wilson PS 6.0 85, but use it occasionally for fun.
  4. tennisnj

    tennisnj Professional

    Feb 19, 2004
    New Jersey
    1990ish-1998: Prince Synergy DB 26 OS
    1998-2002: Prince TT Bandit OS
    2002-present: Volkl Quantum V1 OS

    I've dabbled, heavily ever since 1998, but for tournaments the above racquets are the ones I've used.
  5. nextNalbandian

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    Jan 13, 2005
    South Carolina
    My racquet history--What's yours

    2000(when I started at age 11)-Wilson junior racquet for a month, then Hyper Hammer 6.3 OS till 2002)
    2002-current- Volkl Quantum V1 Midplus. I have a sponsorship with Volkl and would like to switch to another racquet in the Volkl line, but I'm so used to mine. Can someone help me with this.
  6. danniflava

    danniflava Rookie

    Nov 22, 2004
    1. Head something or other (junior racquet)
    2. Wilson Hyper Hammer 6.9 (recreational racquet)
    3. Wilson Sting (recreational racquet)
    4. Wilson H6
    7. **Wilson nCode n3**(possibly my next racquet)
  7. dAgEnIuS

    dAgEnIuS Rookie

    Dec 12, 2004
    1st: Some weird Wilson junior racket
    2nd: Wilson Hyper Hammer
    3rd: Head i.extreme

    4th: i hope it would be NXG Graphite Mid+ or LM Rave
  8. FredDV

    FredDV New User

    Jan 26, 2005
    Summer 1999 - Summer 2000: Prince ThunderLite Longbody OS. Yuck. Swallowed all the longbody, oversize head hype like a newbie should.

    Summer 2000 - Winter 2000: Gamma Tradition 20 MP (the later one). Underpowered, spin-challenged, and board stiff, but stable as the USS Missiouri.

    Winter 2000 - Summer 2002: Dunlop Revelation Tour Pro MP. Started with one of the early models but it broke. Picked up a couple new ones and they never played to taste (more head-heavy, stiffer, etc.).

    Summer 2002 - Present: Yonex RD Power-7 MP (27 inches). I've found it to be a good enough racquet for a player who isn't nearly good enough (i.e. myself). But I'm starting to get a hankering for something more flexible. Still, the best I've found so far.
  9. lude popper

    lude popper Banned

    Jan 14, 2005
    Key West!
    1973-75 - - Wilson T2000
    1976 -- can't remember
    1979--1984 Head Edge Aluminum [not sure exactly when or why or even how]
    1985 -- St Vincent 6.0 85
    [my college coach asked if I had a “problem” with my “priorities” and suggested I get “help”]
    1989 -- RD7 [Camping out, sleeping on couches while teaching tennis in Florida. Almost got married in Tampa; serve was clocked at 123mph in marathon, keys. Teached tennis in late 80's mainly to pay for bar tabs]
    1991 -- quit tennis
    [1992--2003 ski bum in colorado, utah and europe. way too many ludes]
    2004 -- too old and too slow for my RD 7
  10. FredDV

    FredDV New User

    Jan 26, 2005
    Guess I'll throw in some other racquets that I demoed and hit with but never really "owned".

    Prince TT Hornet (Spring 2000) - God awful. Less manuverable and stiffer version of my Prince ThunderLite Longbody OS. Also way too powerful.

    Prince ThunderLite Std MP (Spring 2000) - OK. Decent control in a lightweight package. Volleyed nicely as long as you hit the sweet spot; no stability off-center. But a very important racquet in that it got me thinking I could play with a 95 sq. in. head.

    Prince TT Graphite Mid (Spring 2000) - Blech. Sort of like the Tradition 20 but even less spin potential. My two-handed backhand was practically allergic to it. Stiff, not at all manuverable. Despite the hefty swingweight its stability wasn't up to scratch.

    Prince Equipe Std MP (Spring 2000) - OK racquet. Nice spin for a stiff frame off the ground. Nice stability and not terribly uncomfortable, but no feel at all and a bit too powerful.

    Wilson Hyper ProStaff (Summer 2000) 5.0 - Not too different than the Equipe, but stiffer and less comfortable. Probably a bit more power and certainly too much.

    Head Ti Radical (Summer 2000) - Like hitting with a hollow piece of rolled-up newspaper coated in tin. No power at all. No feel. No stability. I didn't even like the paint job. Another important racquet in my development in that it got me to thinking that Pros don't actually use the racquets they are purported to play with.

    Wilson Hammer (Summer 1999 - Present) 6.4 Ti OS Long - The racquet of my long-time nemesis hitting partner. An ok racquet as far as power and control go. Don't care for the feel and the extra 1/2 in length and the 15 sq. in head size. Come to think of it I don't like it at all but I've developed a healthy respect for it since its delivered a drubbing to me so many times.

    ProKennex 5g Std (Spring/Summer 2000) - Pretty nice stick as long as you stuck to hitting the ball flat. But never could serve worth a damn with it which is why I never bought one.

    Yonex RD Power-7 Long OS (Summer 2000) - Pretty good comfort, control, power and spin off the ground. Yucky at the net. The one I "bought" had huge gouges in the inside of the throat, so I returned it.

    Wilson ProStaff 6.1 Classic (Summer/Fall 2000) - Played around with this stick before I got the Gamma. Really too stiff and unforgiving on off-center hits but a nice stick otherwise. Fear of arm/shoulder injuries drove me away though.

    Prince Precision Response Ti (Summer 2000) - The first racquet I felt I could actually crack an egg with on serve. Liked the way it felt striking the ball but it was too powerful off the ground.

    Prince ThunderCloud (Spring 2000) - Flimsy, flimsy, flimsy. But not uncomfortable and its control/spin was better than the Prince ThunderLite Longbody OS.

    Prince Precision Spectrum Comp (Summer 2004) - Borrowed a friend's to hit with. How can something this light be so unmanuverable? Felt absolutely awful and when I swung out the ball flew. Worst control in a racquet I've seen short of the TT Hornet.

    Dunlop 200G (Summer 2002) - The one released about 1994 with the "Formula 1 Graphics". Nice feeling stick, no power at all off the ground. Didn't like the dense string pattern either.

    Volkl C8 (Summer 2003) - A really good stick for a beginner I think. But by the time I used one I wasn't a beginner any longer. Exceptional for serves but too light for serious business off the ground or at net.

    Puma Onyx Saber (2002-2003) - Man, now this was a racquet. Perfect balance, wonderful flexibility and great feel. Evil spin. EVIL. A joy to hit any stroke with and just a wonderfully smooth sensation cutting through the air. Brilliant stick for a one-handed topspin backhand...and I can say that being a player who uses a two-hander! A roommate of my owned it and I tried everything in my power to get him to sell me one. Might as well have been trying to ask him to sign away his first born :cry: The racquet love of my life discovered and lost...
  11. FredDV

    FredDV New User

    Jan 26, 2005
    Forgot two more:

    Wilson Triad ProStaff 6.1 (Spring 2001): Excellent serving stick and comfortable. Felt awesome swinging through the air but weird lack of sensation when striking the ball. No topspin off the ground. I could practically read the label on the ball as it sailed over the net. Not awful at net except for that weird absence of feel.

    Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.1 (Summer 2001): I liked this one. Felt pretty nice on just about every shot. Maybe slightly too much power off the ground for my game today though. It felt pretty solid and stable, too.
  12. A hacker's history

    Yamaha Bronze 90...part of their Ceramics series of racquets, bought it in Greensboro, NC about 16-18 years ago for around $75 including stringing. Narrow, elongated head...seems to have a sweet spot that extends to all edges of the racquet face. Still use that racquet quite a bit today, but it's a little hard on the arm as it's kind of heavy.

    Rossignol Vectris 8.000 this day, I have no idea what the "Quartz Process" is that's brazenly proclaimed across the top of the racquet frame. It is a lovely racquet, though, finished in burgundy metallic paint and featuring the trademark inverted throat. I had always wanted a Rossi since a friend of mine in high school had an F200 and I thought it looked very cool. The Rossi is a very forgiving racquet...not very powerful, but accurate when your stroke is less than perfect. It's an oversize it from Hola**** for about $30 I think, obviously long after Rossi stopped marketing their wares in the U.S.
  13. Kaptain Karl

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    Sep 17, 2004
    The High Country of Colorado
    Wow! I'm glad to see some of you qualify as "contemporaries" of mine. This could have been more sobering than it already is....
    1965 - Sears Roebuck $5.00 thing
    1968 - Bancroft bamboo reinforced something-or-other. (Just "a racket."
    1969 - TA Davis (can't remember model, but it was the most beautiful racket ever ... black throat & shoulders, natural maple with red & silver accents ... lots of artistic detailing ... must have had ten layers of lacquer ... too whippy in throat ... wasn't really the right racket for me, I just didn't recognize it.)
    1971 - Spalding Something-or-other (An over-reaction from the above. Not "it".)
    1971 - Jack Kramer (Didn't *all of us* use this?)
    1974 - Dunlop Fort
    1975 - Kramer Pro Staff (And back and forth to Dunlop repeatedly...)
    1976 - Head Master (aluminim; blue throat ... went whippy too fast.)
    1976 - Yonex 8700 (The green one. Another mistake I didn't recognize for too long. I had *very little* control, but Man! I could crush the ball with that sucker!)
    1978 - Head Arthur Ashe Comp II (Great feel, but kept breaking one of the throats ... on simple groundstrokes!)
    1978 - MatchMate Graphite (One sweet stick! I almost went into depression when this Northridge CA company folded.)
    ** 1985 ** "Sabbatical" from tennis: Competed in karate and volleyball and had too much fun skiing.
    1991 - Some $60 pre-strung Estusa (Only played for giggles; figured any racket would do....)
    1993 - Coaching Volleyball. Didn't like Estusa; didn't know enough to even know what to do about all the new technology in sticks ... only played tennis 2x/year on average....
    1999 - Cheapo Estusa still (and coaching tennis again! This was weird....)
    2003 - Yonex V-Con 17 MP (Demoed at least 20 rackets. None was "it". Nearly gave up. Tried 17 on a whim; works for me. I hate demo-ing rackets. I hate having to find that "perfect feel" with some other stick.

    - KK
  14. AndrewD

    AndrewD Legend

    Dec 11, 2004
    An up-date to my Racquet History

    2005 Prince Graphite Comp Series 110 4 1/2 ($20 op-shop purchase used while I wait for..)
    2005 Prince Original Graphite Oversize, 4 5/8.

    My first new racquet in 10 years, at least it will be when it arrives in about 1-2 weeks. :)
  15. equinox

    equinox Hall of Fame

    Nov 19, 2004
    Cocos Islands, WA
    2003 - Yonex RD-23
    2004 - Babolat Pure Drives
    2005 - POG OS
  16. TommyGun

    TommyGun Semi-Pro

    Jun 10, 2004
    Spalding Pancho Gonzalez autograph
    Slazenger Challenge Pro 1
    Yonex gold aluminum with smushed throat
    Spalding Big Bow
    Dunlop Maxply
    Borg Donnay Pro
    Yamaha YFG 30 (one black, one red)
    Head Legend (nice snow shoe)
    Fisher Superform (still have if anyone wants them)
    Prince Pro (three months, the black one, still have)
    Wilson World Class
    Fox Bosworth Dynamite
    Gamma Big Bubba
    Volkl C10 Pro Tour
    Volkl Tour 8
    Volkl Cat 10
    X-45 HK95-2813
    X-45 HK95-2213
    Vantage Custom

    Wow, didn't realize that there were that many over the years. Averages out to almost one per playing year, but through the Borg Pro the frames were early on, maybe had three or four in a year.
  17. fedex27

    fedex27 Professional

    Jan 21, 2005
    1. junior racquets
    2. don't remember some prince
    3. prince tt hornet
    4. i.radical
    5. i.prestige
    6. wilson ps tour 90
    7. prestige classic 600
  18. Equinox²

    Equinox² New User

    Feb 1, 2005
    2002 (when i started to play) - Wilson Hammer 6.2
    2003/2004 - Babolat Pure Control Zylon
    2005 - Still using PCZ, but searching a new one, most probably RDX 500 Midplus.
  19. dewey4262

    dewey4262 Rookie

    Jul 24, 2004
    1994-1999 POG OS
    2000-2002 Major injury
    2002-2003 Tournament Paintball
    2003-2005 Prince More Attack 920s
    Prince Bandit MP
    G-Starr Tour
    Babolat Pure Drive+
    Dunlop 200g HM
    ProKennex Type S
    Babolat Aeropro Control
  20. tennisp13

    tennisp13 Rookie

    Dec 16, 2004
    the NW (Seattle)
    Let see, my racquet history :)

    1991: Start out with unknow wilson ps (from Costco???) still learning the game

    1992-1993: Bunch of Pro Kennex, Wilson from Target..., haha, don't know the "Pro" racquet yet.

    1994: Prince Comp Graphite Series OS 110: the first real racquet

    1997: Prince Thunderbolt Longbody Midplus 100 (Gave away the Prince OS to family on a trip to Vietnam. They never see Prince racquet before overthere) did try Wilson Prostaff Jack Kramer 6.0, omg, that was a sweet racquet --> why did I play that racquet instead of the Thunderbolt.

    2001: Prince TT Rebel 95(The Thunderbolt did kill my game for a long while, never could improve, but serve very well though. Break on top at 10" clock with 1 frame when hitting the ball right on the frame, unbelievable right, break the frame while hitting the ball. I remember that set, break that frame 1st game, then broke the string of my backup the 2nd game, run out of racquet so i was force forfeit.) --> gone from 28" 100sqs to 27' 95sps thing and gone little heavy, from 10oz to 11.5 oz.

    2002: Wilson Prostaff 6.0 95 --> this is the racquet i should have use in the first place. The Prince Rebel was good, did improve my game, but the Prostaff 6.0 did make the bigger change, serving better, ground stroke better, and volley pretty well.

    2004: Wilson NCode 6.1 95 --> very similar to the Prostaff 6.0 (why did I change again, I am thinking of going back to the Prostaff 95)

    Looking back, i have gone from the big OS on the mid 95 and going little heavier 10 oz to 12.5 oz.

    Some racquet try over the year
    Head Radical Mid
    Wilson Prostaff Tour 95
    Head PC
  21. Cuzza

    Cuzza New User

    Nov 15, 2004
    (I'm 14 years)

    1997: Simpson PowerPoint

    1999: Wilson Prostaff (can't exactly remember exactly the version, but it was

    2001: Head Titanium 3100.

    2003: Volkl Catapult 3

    Mid- 2004: Volkl Tour 9 V-Engine.
  22. cadfael_tex

    cadfael_tex Professional

    Sep 4, 2005
    Fort Leavenworth, KS

    For me:
    From 1981 to '86 when I had knee surgery...
    Spalding Pancho Gonzales from the garage
    Wilson Extra II OS
    Dunlop Maxply McEnroe (loved this till it cracked)
    Wilson Sting OS (didn't like but played with quite a while)
    Dunlop Black Max (great till it cracked - I was loosing and it didn't bounce well)
    Wilson Pro Staff (what's now the 6.0 original) - sold to a friend to buy
    Snuawert Ergonom (abomination of desolation!!!)
    Kneissl White Star Pro Masters (best I played with)

    Brief stint playing in 1990
    Yonex R24 (didn't play long enough to really say much about it)

    Brief stint playing in 2002
    Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 95 (didn't play long enough at the time - still have)

    Now (over the last two months)
    PS 6.0
    Slazenger Pro X1 (really liked but hurt my arm after a while)
    Graphite Director and Vilas wood out of the closer (great but now for full time use)
    Prince O3 Tour (just got but really liked the demo)
  23. hyperwarrior

    hyperwarrior Professional

    Dec 2, 2004
    I won't include my tweeners racquets...

    1997-2002: Prince Thunder 820
    2003-2004: Wilson Hyper Hammer 4.0
    2005-present: Wilson NCode Tour 90
  24. armand

    armand Banned

    Jul 12, 2005
    RDS001 90: SPPP 1.18 @ 63/61
    1985-1989 Some cheap aluminum junior. Played with my dad and he used some Aluminum Slazenger. Then our racquets were stolen and didn't play for many years.
    1994-Played with best friend's Advance(another cheap aluminum thing). Then got myself some HEAD aluminum racquet for 30$. Then my best friend copied me and bought the same thing!
    1997-Wilson Hammer 5.3 Mid+. I ended up modifying this thing like crazy by stripping it, and putting on this very thick spray paint.
    1998-Wilson Prostaff 6.0 85(yeah I admit I was a big Sampras fan). Then I lost the racquet.
    1999-Head Prestige Classic 600
    2001-Prince TT Warrior Mid+
    2002-Got another Pretige for 80$CDN brand new
    2003-Wilson Triad Prostaff 6.0(just as a backup, couldn't pass up the 99$CDN price)
    2004-Yonex RD-ti80
    2005-Wilson PS 6.0 85(a gift)
    Presently-Yonex RDX500 Mid
  25. kabob

    kabob Hall of Fame

    Nov 30, 2004
    I'll just count from my freshman year of high school.

    1993-1996 -- Some cheap Wilson 110" sq/in racquet that I have no clue what happened to it.

    1997-1998 -- Dunlop Revelation Braided XL 90; small-headed and thin-beamed, 28" long, flexible. Great sticks, kinda regret selling them on eGhey. :(

    *Unfortunate 6 year period that I gave up tennis*

    2004 -- Dunlop 300G; they were fine as a 3.5 player but after regaining my old high school Varsity tennis form, too light and unstable. Towards the end, even lead taping didn't seem to help.

    2004 3/4 -- Wilson Pro Staff Tour 90; In reaction to the 300G, I went to the opposite extreme and immediately felt remorse. After just a month, relegated to practice use only.

    2004 - 2005 1/4 -- Fischer Pro Extreme Tour 95- Lighter, slighter larger head, more flexible and more open string pattern than the Tour 90. Played well for me for 6 months but by then, I had transitioned to a 4.25 player (better than 4.0 but not ready for 4.5) and the racquets proved too light and powerful to suit my game.

    2005 1/4 - current -- Went back to the Pro Staff Tour 90s when I realized I was an out of shape idiot and there was nothing wrong with the sticks. Shaped up, slimmed down and now these racquets are my daily hitters.

    In the inventory: Wilson Jack Kramer Pro Staff 85 (St. Vinny graphite/fiberglass composite model), Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 stretch, Yamaha Secret 04, Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 5.0 stretch, Wilson nCode six-one Tour 90. All of them but the 6.1 stretch and the nCode are going on sale this week.
  26. Midlife crisis

    Midlife crisis Hall of Fame

    Sep 24, 2005
    Hmmm, for me:

    Poncho Gonzales (the black wood one)
    Jack Kramer Autograph
    Wilson Advantage
    Davis Duke
    Wilson World Class
    Arthur Ashe Comp
    Graphite Edge
    POG OS
    Wilson Ultra II Mid

    (15 year break)

    Prince TT Rip

    and my recent aquisitions:

    Davis Professional
    Davis Imperial
    Dunlop Maxply Fort

    I'm sure I missed something along the way.
  27. TennsDog

    TennsDog Hall of Fame

    Feb 26, 2004
    1 Cheap light OS Prince Jr. racket
    1 Wilson Hammer Kannon
    1 Prince TT Bandit OS*
    1 Head Ti. S5*
    1 Head Ti. Fire (replaced S5 after breaking)*
    1 Yonex 107" (random unknown model)*
    1 Babolat Pure Drive wannabe*
    3 Prince More Game MP
    3 Dunlop 300G
    2 Prince NXG mp
    4 Wilson nCode nSix-One 95

    *Owned at the same time.
  28. bluegrasser

    bluegrasser Hall of Fame

    Jul 29, 2005
    I'll try ( 1975 - present ):
    Cheap $2 racquet, Head Master,Borg Bancroft,Kramer Auto,Yonex wood,Head pro alum,Head Vilas,Stan Smith Wilson,Yamaha YFG 30, Prince Pro alum,PS 85,Yonex RD 7,POS Prince, Silver Profile, Prince Precision,Purple Prince, Hammer skunk reg/stretch, Agassi LM,Prestige LM mp, Hammer tour mid,300G, Hammer 4.0 100',Ncode 95 6.1,300 mfil, 03 red.

    Yea, I know, I'm one sick individual, but he$l I have a close friend who owns a tennis shop, and somebody has to test these sticks. right ?
  29. fishuuuuu

    fishuuuuu Hall of Fame

    Jan 4, 2005
    Dallas, TX
    Wilson Hyper Hammer 4.3 OS
    Wilson Hyper ProStaff 7.6 Rollers MP
    Head LiquidMetal Prestige Mid
    Head LiquidMetal Prestige MP
    Head LiquidMetal Radical MP
    Prince Triple Threat Warrior OS
    Prince O3 Tour MP
    Babolat Pure Drive Plus MP
    Head LiquidMetal Radical MP
    Babolat Pure Drive Standard MP
    Head Intelligence Prestige MP
    Prince Graphite OS

    It's been a bumpy road, ladies and gentlemen.
  30. bluegrasser

    bluegrasser Hall of Fame

    Jul 29, 2005
    Geesh Fishuuuu ! You're only 18 ! - I think I met my match. Welcome to the club of " Racquet Who$es. "
  31. TennsDog

    TennsDog Hall of Fame

    Feb 26, 2004
    My post includes rackets between ages of about 6 and 17. I guess I tend to get either bored with my current racket, excited by new ones, or both. :)
  32. sdslyout

    sdslyout Rookie

    Sep 20, 2005
    I have no history either all these racquets have been bought over the last 6 months, here goes....

    wilson rakatak ti 23
    roddy pro classic (woodie)
    prince graphite micheal chang jr. 26
    prokennex conquest 110
    prokennex ceramic
    prince graphite surpreme 110
    wilson hyper hammer 5.3 110
    prokennex pro 90
    dunlop temimator
    head trys 230
    wilson ncode n6 103
    head ti sonic
    wilson jack kramer (woodie)
    wilson match point
    wilson graphite aggressor (wilson95)
    wilson chris evert (woodie)
    prokennex ceramic pro
  33. arky-tennis

    arky-tennis Semi-Pro

    Jun 25, 2005
    2003- Wilson Something or other
    2004- Pro Kennex 5g
    late 2004- Pro Kennex Core 1 Number six
    2005- Wilson 85
    2005- Maxply
  34. dmastous

    dmastous Professional

    Oct 11, 2005
    pre 1980 Bjorn Borg Donnary wood racquet - Did really play much with this thing. I hit balls against the garage door with it. Drove my parents crazy
    1980-1983 Wilson T2000 - Moved on very quickly from this racquet
    1984-1986 Prince Precision Graphite 110 - Broke about 7 of these things. Still shapes what I am looking for in a racquet
    1987-1988 Wilson Pro Staff - Taught at a club that had a wilson sponsorship. I had a choice between this the Ultra and the Profile. Which would you choose?
    1987-1994 Wilson Reflex - Got this racquet at a Big-5 sale. I really loved this racquet, but they stopped making it
    1993-1995 Wilson Hammer 6.2 Original 110 - I tried this as a replacement for a few months, but it didn't work out.
    1995-2004 Head Ti2 - This is the racquet I ended up settling on it because it felt most like the Reflex
    2005- Wilson nTour 95 - Due to some shoulder problems I decided to change the racquet & string to take some of the pressure off my shoulder.
  35. fishuuuuu

    fishuuuuu Hall of Fame

    Jan 4, 2005
    Dallas, TX
    It wasn't just racquet w-horing ... I was developing and didn't really understand tennis besides hit the crap out of a ball until after I played with the LM Prestige ... then I had a better idea of what I was looking for =)
  36. Crichton

    Crichton New User

    Jul 11, 2005
    Showing my age, but here goes . . .

    1979 - 1981 Wilson 2000 and Wilson Kramer Autograph
    1981 - 1982 Prince Pro
    1982 - 1984 Prince Woodie 110
    1985 - 1994 Wilson ProStaff 85
    1994 - 1995 Wilson Hammer 4.0 (biggest mistake EVER)
    1995 - 1996 Wilson Hammer 6.1
    1996 - 2000 Wilson Hammer 7.1
    2000 - 2002 Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.5
    2002 - present Wilson ProStaff 7.1

    I still have several of these sticks in my closet, plus others I have gotten just to mess around with.
  37. TnTBigman

    TnTBigman Professional

    Jan 26, 2005
    South Florida
    Oh man, incase I can't remember the exact names, I'll describe the paint job:
    1985 : Spalding wooden (no paint, only a transparent coating)
    1986 - 1988: Dunlop (blue/silver) JMac signiture series. wooden.
    1988 - 1991: Spalding (grey/brown/red) graphite. the v was a black plastic.
    1991 - 1993: Wilson Thunder Stick (light blue with red accents) sweet lookin but cracked @ the PWS area.
    1993 - 1994: Wilson ProStaff 4.0 (black with white blue specs) PWS
    1995 : Head Orion (dark blue almost purple looking)
    1996 - 1998: Head Radical TriSys 690 (yellow/black)
    1997 - 2005: Head Ti.Radical OS
    2005 - Head LM Radical MP.

    listing em brought back some nice memories man. great post topic.
    I'm 25 yrs old now. My game started to improve with the Wilson ProStaff 4.0. I had developed a big serve with that racquet.
    Did really well in local tourneys. Add more variety and consistancy during the Head Ti.Radical OS years-especially in local regional doubles. So far, the LM Radical adds more zip to my serves and groundies. Still versatile at the net.
  38. kabob

    kabob Hall of Fame

    Nov 30, 2004
    How crazy! I live in Fort Worth near Arlington at 360 and Trinity Blvd. (near the airport). We should hit sometime :)
  39. Jetson

    Jetson New User

    Oct 22, 2005
    1979 Stomil (alu made in Poland)
    1982 some Donnay
    1986 Adidas GTX Pro
    1989 - 2001 have a KitKat
    2001 Head Ti Radical
    2003 Head LM Radical OS
    2005 Head FXP Radical OS
  40. joe1987

    joe1987 Semi-Pro

    Feb 20, 2005
    Just a list, can't remember when I had them in no particular order
    POG junior version
    Yonex ti something oversize is all I can remember
    Head radical OS (black n yellow one) cracked so threw it away
    Wilson something tour plays like a htour but oversize and heavier
    Pure drive standard
    Hyper prostaff 5.0
    Htour mp (damn thing crack 1 week after warrenty)
    2 Lm radical mp-now

    wants to try- prostaff 6.0, 95 n 85 versions
    - POG
    - RDX 500
    - Salz X1
  41. Sinner

    Sinner Professional

    Aug 14, 2005
    1992 - Prince Precision Graphite (I think thats what its called)
    1993 - Donnay Ultimate Pro
    1994 - Donnay Pro One
    1995-Current - Prince POG OS
  42. Guga_x

    Guga_x Rookie

    Sep 10, 2004
    I can't recall the exact years...

    A woodie from a chinese store.
    A woodie (Artur Ashe's model)
    Donnay Junior aluminium
    A very heavy metal frame with a very small head I can't recall the name
    Head Ti. Radical
    Fischer Pro #1 (285, 320 and 330g)
    Babolat Aeropro Drive
    Prince O3

    Tried once almost everything (some examples I can recall)

    All the Fischer line
    Wilson pro staffs and hammers
    Head Radical Prestige and Flexpoint lines
    Prokenex 10g
    Volkl Tour and Catapult from 7 onward

    Must try out Dunlop and Yonex. ;)
  43. crazylevity

    crazylevity Hall of Fame

    Jul 27, 2005
    Mine is short and sweet:

    end 2004-early 2005: Wilson Sampras Grand Slam Titanium
    early 2005-present: Wilson nSix-One 95
  44. legolas

    legolas Banned

    Sep 13, 2005
    1990 to 2000 - POG

    2001 2002 - injured, went to 280 pounds

    2004 - lost weight, went to 180 pounds, ncode surge

    2005- 160 pounds, ncode tour 90
  45. mrw

    mrw Semi-Pro

    May 31, 2005
    In the early 70's it was a Wilson T2000
    Around 1976 it was a Davis Classic. I played Davis Classics until I went to a..
    Donnay Allwood in the late 70's
    In the early 80's there was a succession of the newfangled oversize racquet's
    A long layoff until
    A Prince TT Attitude OS which I am happy with and I now collect old woodies.
  46. kabob

    kabob Hall of Fame

    Nov 30, 2004
    Holy crap, dude, how'd you gain and lose over 100 lbs. over the course of a few years??
  47. joe1987

    joe1987 Semi-Pro

    Feb 20, 2005
    What the heck man, 120lbs lost. Damn, who's your plastic surgeon?

    SMASHER Rookie

    Jan 4, 2005
    -Hyper Pro Staff
    -Babolat Pure Control
    -Babolat Pure Drive+
    -Ncode 6.1 95
    -Aeropro Drive+
    -Flexpoint MP
  49. darkblue

    darkblue Semi-Pro

    Jul 26, 2005
    Middle of nowhere, USA
    1986 ProKennex Pro Aluminium
    1987 Dunlop Max300i
    1988 Wilson TBS Ultra
    1990 Prince Lightning
    1992 Prince POG
    1996 Wilson Hammer 6.2 95
    1999 Wilson Hyper Hammer 6.1
    2001 Yonex RQ-500
    2002 PD+
    2004 Wilson Hammer 6.2 95
    2005 nCode Tour 90
  50. hadoken

    hadoken Rookie

    Mar 2, 2004
    1989 - Head Composite Master (Good 110 for learning)
    1990 - Donnay Pro One (Agassi wannabe)
    1991 - Head Ventoris 660 (tried a bunch of frames and liked this one)
    1992 - Prince CTS Graduate 90 (not bad)
    1993 - 2004 Prince CTS Approach 90 (I only switched when someone totaled my car and the racquets were in the trunk and got smashed. AWESOME FRAME)
    2005 - Babolat Storm (It's OK, but I probably will ditch them next year)

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