My review of the Aeropro Control (luxilon alu/wilson nxt)

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by subtleskeptics, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. subtleskeptics

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    Aug 26, 2004
    I recently got a hold of two of these sticks and hit with them for 2 days. First of all, the changes from the Pure Control are: 98 sq. inch instead of 97 sq. inch head, a very very thin throat, 6 holes in the throat instead of 8, the whole new design of the shaft with the added "aero technology", and the new tension range of 55-62 pounds instead of 50-55. The first thing I noticed was that the racket cut through the air really well and had a nice swingweight. The width of the shaft looks really awkward when you look straight at looks really large and very different from the circular-shaft of the previous model. Aside from the looks, I really expected it to feel like the pure control, but I was surprised at the great difference in feel. There is a great increase in stability and solidness. Gone is the springy feel of my old pure control. Also, all my shots had a little more power and pop to them, the pop probably due to the new tension range(it was strung at 61).

    The new aeropro feels like it has a more even balance, unlike its headlight predecessor. I think the best way to describe this racket is....a heavier, control oriented Pure DRIVE with a 98 sq. inch headsize. I really enjoy hitting with it and just swinging it around. If you're a fan of the babolat team line or the i. prestige midplus, you'll love this racket.
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    Sep 28, 2004
    this is pretty similar to my initial impressions of the Aeropro Control + which you'll find in my new review in the racquets section. I've never played the Pure Control or PC + , but I was surprised by the fact that the Aeropro control felt stiffer and more powerful than the Drive version. THe stringbed also felt firmer for some reason. anyway, I liked it a lot, and look forward to further playtesting.

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