My review of the Blue Gear 17/Titan Hybrid 16

Discussion in 'Strings' started by tennisguyak, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Aug 6, 2008
    First of all, I had Blue Gear 17 put in the mains, and Titan 16 in the crosses, both at 64.

    Groundstrokes: I like how I can swing more through the ball and still keep it in, as opposed to having to brush over the ball like with some other strings. Since I have it at such a high tension, there isn't very much power, so I can pretty much swing for targets, and if I make contact at the right spot it generally goes where I need it to.

    It is pretty incredible how much spin I can get on the slice backhand/dropshot.

    Volleys: Volleys are solid, the ball doesn't go flying on me, but the touch that comes from this stringbed could be better.

    Serves: Definitely not the best setup I've had for serves. When I use my stick strung with M2, I can pretty much whip all of my kick serves straight in every time and consistently have a high bounce. But with this, I'm struggling just to get them in with some decent pace.

    Also, I have started to get some elbow pains when I was using the M2 and they have continued with this setup, I do think its TE, but I believe its just because I'm not used to playing with poly's. Maybe it'll get to feeling better, but right now its just a little too stiff.

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