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  1. EddyC

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    I'm writing this based on what I would have like to have been told when deciding on whether to buy a Gamma X-ST or the Revo 4000.

    I've been having on going conversations with Mark G. from Alpha about the Revo 4000. When he informed last week that they had arrived I placed my order and just received it yesterday afternoon. Here are my initial impressions:

    1. I ordered the machine, along with the tension calibrator, from Tennis Warehouse because I wanted to get the year subscription to USRSA. To my disappointment, the well packaged big box only contained the stringer. Also missing were the grip and string package.

    2. The machine is heavy...much heavier than I had thought it would be. It took assistance from my brother to help unpack it.

    3. Assembly was a breeze. The instructions were sufficient with pictures to help you along.

    4. WARNING: I'm an Engineer so I notice a lot of details that most people wouldn't even care about. So the next couple of comments are pretty minor...

    Once assembled, I did notice somethings that I didn't think that I would mind looking at it as a picture versus in real life. The big thing was that it is painted blue through out...which i though looked cool but could become old and worn with use from tools falling on the paint and chipping it. The Gamma X-ST that I was considering is mostly silver so I don't think it would have that problem. There are also areas on the machine that could have been painted a bit better....

    5. The plastic mat that lays over the tool tray wasn't cut very well. On one of the ends, it almost looks as if the tool used to cut it was pretty dull.

    Closing Remarks:
    Due to the fact that I haven't received the calibrator yet, I holding off on stringing. From what I have seen, I kinda feeling that I should have gone with the Gamma machines if it is lighter and the fact that its mostly siver and not painted. Hopefully the stringing experience will be good.

    Let me know if anyone wants to see pictures of anything or if you have questions.
  2. drop shot

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    Feb 22, 2004

    On my gamma stringer the mat inside the tool try wasnt glued down very well and all four corners were turned up. It seemed like a small detail but debris would get stuck there.
  3. EddyC

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    The day after I received the stringer and found that the calibrator was missing, I email Mark Gonzalez at Alpha. I received a response right away saying that it would be taken care of and he priority mailed my calibrator.

    Once I received the calibrator and calibrated the machine (it was off by 5lbs) I strung my first racket in about 10 years. It was actually a lot of fun and very satisfying. The clamps took some getting use to, I had only experience with a Model H prior, but I was able to produce a great string job. I strung another racket the day after and cut my time by quite a bit.

    Final thoughts....
    As mentioned in the first post, I wish the machine was a little lighter for portability and all silver due to fear of damaging any of the nice paint....other than that the machine feels solid and is quick and easy to use....Glad I bought it.

    In addition, Mark G. has been there to answer every question that I've asked. His customer service has really made the difference in how I feel about my purchase.

    If you are reading this....Thanks Mark!
  4. Anonymous

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    Jan 21, 2004
    Does a calibrator come with the machine?

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