My season to keep all players happy. And give them an off-season.

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  1. Darth_Timmaayyy!!

    Darth_Timmaayyy!! Banned

    Sep 8, 2009

    MS#1: Brisbane Plexipave
    GS#1: Australian Open Plexipave


    Optional Masters event in Asia: Singapore/ Malaysia/ Thailand Plexipave


    MS#2: Rome (Italian Open) Clay

    Optional Masters event: Monte Carlo Clay


    MS#3: Madrid (Spanish Open) Clay
    GS#2: Roland Garros Clay


    MS#4: Queens/Halle Grass


    GS#3: Wimbledon Grass


    MS#5: Motreal/Toronto Canadian Open HC
    MS#6: Cincinnati HC


    GS#4: US Open HC


    MS#7: Shanghai/ Tokyo Indoor
    MS#8: Paris/Hamburg Indoor


    ATP Finals: Rotating Continents and surfaces.

    October 16th -December 31st

    Because of the weather still being cold in the northern hemisphere in February, I thought that the season does have room for 10 Master events. But feel that two of those events should be optional. Meaning that they dont have to play if they don't want. However, if IW and Miami want to keep their tournament, then they should only be 250 or 500 point events, and not masters. I did the same with Monte Carlo, as with France having a Grand Slam at Roland Garros, and an indoor MS event in Paris. Then I think that another tournament in that area is not necessary.

    I also believe that the year end Masters should Rotate continents and be played on different surfaces that the hosts wish to use. Indoor or out door..
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  2. aleexxxxx

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    Jun 27, 2008
    Cincy/IW/Miami all in July? Are you suggesting that the players would have to choose One between those 3? that would not end well. That's about the only problem with your set up. That and the fact that Indian wells in July is too hott for walking outdoors. Let alone tennis. No one would play IW In July
  3. BreakPoint

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    Feb 18, 2004
    Nor Miami.
  4. Darth_Timmaayyy!!

    Darth_Timmaayyy!! Banned

    Sep 8, 2009
    No, I am saying that IW and Miami should either be scrapped, or rotated with Cincy every year like Toronto does with Montreal.. There is no need for these two tournaments to be Masters..
  5. egn

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    Dec 15, 2008
    Easiest solution.

    Don't make all 9 master series mandatory..make them only have to play 6 or 7.
  6. Darth_Timmaayyy!!

    Darth_Timmaayyy!! Banned

    Sep 8, 2009
    I agree, that is why I would cut IW and Miami.. Simply no need for a third hard court season when you have the Australian Open Series and the US Open series..
  7. JennyS

    JennyS Hall of Fame

    Jun 10, 2004
    How about this schedule....

    Australia/Asian season:
    1/5: Brisbane, Dubai, Chennai
    1/12: Auckland, Sydney
    1/19: Australian Open wk 1
    1/26: Australian Open wk 2
    2/2: Beijing, Tokyo (Indoor obviously)
    2/10: Shanghai Masters (Indoor)

    Indoor Season:
    2/17: Rotterdam, Valencia, Moscow
    2/24: Basel, Marseille, Stockholm
    3/2: Paris Masters
    3/9: Memphis, Vienna, St. Petersburg

    Claycourt season
    3/16: Vina Del Mar, Buenos Aires
    3/23: Acapulco, Costa Do Sauippe
    3/30: Miami Masters (now played on clay)
    4/6: Hamburg, Barcelona
    4/13: Madrid (now ATP 500), Hamburg
    4/19: Monte Carlo Masters
    4/26: Rome Masters
    5/4: ATP World Team Championship
    5/11: French Open wk 1
    5/18: French Open wk 2

    5/25: no tournaments played

    Grasscourt season
    6/1: Queen's Club, Halle
    6/8: Eastbourne, 's Hertogenbosch
    6/15: Wimbledon wk 1
    6/22: Wimbledon wk 2

    6/29: no tournaments played

    Harcourt season:
    7/6: Indian Wells (500), Indianapolis
    7/13: LA, Washington
    7/20: Canadian Masters
    7/27: Cincinnati Masters
    8/3: New Haven
    8/10: US Open wk 1
    8/17: US Open wk 2

    8/24: no tournaments played

    8/31: ATP World Tour Final

    9/7: no tournaments played

    9/14: Davis Cup Round Robin, week 1
    9/21: Davis Cup Round Robin, week 2
    9/28: Davis Cup semifinals
    10/5: Davis Cup final


    Note on my proposed Davis Cup format:
    -there would be 4 groups divided by region (Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Americas). During the two week round robin teams would host each other and each play each other, so every team would get at least a few matches played at home)

    The semi finals and finals would be held at pre determined locations.

    Hence the "home/away" format that is so popular would still be there for the first two weeks, but Davis Cup wouldn't be so spread out and the winning country could enjoy their title for a whole year!
  8. Darth_Timmaayyy!!

    Darth_Timmaayyy!! Banned

    Sep 8, 2009
    Jenny I dont mind that list.. But I was trying to keep to the Masters and GS's.. Also, someone noted to me that IW and Miami would be too hot to play in the northern summer. So I suggested that they can keep their slot, but just be 250 or 500 tournaments, and not Masters events..

    I didn't even want to get into Davis Cup just yet, as I think it should remain the same.....

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