My tennis hermitage (updated)

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Here is another stage in evolution of my little tennis hermitage:

(front wall, from top to bottom):
Prestiges (TXP, PP, Elite)
Pro Staff 85 (St Vincent, Taiwan)
Pro Staff 90/95 (6.0, 6.1, Ultra)
Other Heads (PC600, Pro Tour)
Other (PK Black Ace, Graphite 90, etc)

(side wall, from top to bottom):

Lacoste Equijets
Donnays (Pro Cynetics, Borg Boron, etc
Other (Ultra II, Cayman TNT)

(rear wall - all-pre graphite: woodies, laminate, metal, etc))

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Tennis Man

Hall of Fame
Unlike, the real Hermitage, I hope unruly Germans don't break it and burn it down.

Nice collection. I'm guessing you are single? :)
The only part-German who can break and burn it is the real owner of this Hermitage and my future tennis star. She is really attached to St Vincent.
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