My Thoughts on the French Open (after a glasses of Merlot)

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by drake, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. drake

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    Mar 8, 2004
    My Thoughts on the French Open (after a few glasses of Merlot)

    Note to French Open: for the sake of fan’s of tennis and the FO, please change your clay texture so it is a little faster similar to Rome. The way it is now, the matches are too long, too hard on the players ( as witnessed by the ret.) and consequently to boring to watch. Are you trying to revert back to late 70’s early 80’s tennis. Whats next moonball rallies.

    Roger, you did your best but quit worrying about history. Most of us viewers want to see a quality match here and now not 20 years ago.

    Interesting to see how Rafa looks at his camp before EVERY serve. Inspiration, signals or just habit?

    I believe that inner drive that comes from players like Nadal and Federer were ingrained at an early age from the sport of soccer. Run after every shot, be patient and don’t give up. U.S Juniors should play more soccer instead of the useless steroid sports like baseball and football.

    Note to either John McCenroe, Ted Robinson or Mary Carrillo: Quit farting during a live telecast. It’s great if this was Saturday Night Live but during the finals of the Men’s and Woman’s GS final your excessive farting was really a distraction. Come on fess up!

    On the subject of Mary Carrillo, your insights are very keen and comical at times but quit yapping during the points.

    Speaking of announcers, why to I feel like I want to kick my dog or stomp on a baby chick after I listen to Dick Enberg. I really do miss Cliffy.

    The ATP and WTA should institute a penalty or loss of round money for pulling out of a Grand Slam event. Things are getting to be a little too “comfortable” for some of the players.

    Speaking of penalties, there should be a new rule called “Djokovic Penalty”. Any player dribbling the ball more than 10 times should loose a point and more than 18 they must be expelled from the tour for 1 year.

    On the subject of irritating 19 year olds, if the new breed of juniors, like Monfils, are going to screech (like woman) during a point and fist pump after every point then tennis is going to loose a lot of viewers in the future. I can only take so much after watching 3 hours of tennis unless you look like Kirilenko.

    On the subject of no heart. I wonder who gets the slacker of the tournament award. I pick either Djokovic, Gasquet or Nalbandian. On second thought the clear winner is Kim Cljisters. I love you but do us all a favor, why wait till 2007, just quit now if you have no heart left.

    At least Amelie has heart no question there. Now nerves, that’s another story

    Why is Andy in the Top 5, am I missing something here?

    ESPN I will never again complain about your telecast because after watching how NBC’s works, it is obvious you put thought into your broadcasts. You’re even showing non American matches, Kudos to you. One minor complaint, what’s with that wide angle view from court 1. Couldn’t even make out who the far player was.

    That is all, next thoughts after Wimbledon
  2. sandiegotennisboy

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    Jun 14, 2004
    glass or glasses? AA meeting anyone?

    nice job stating the obvious...except the farting thing. ive developed a way of blocking out commentators. its called mute.
  3. Richie Rich

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    Feb 24, 2004
    it may not be so obvious to some on these boards. anyway, it's drake's opinion and he/she is entitled to them, even after a jug of merlot (makes me think she since not too many men drink merlot :) )
  4. HyperHorse

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    May 30, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    I agreed with everything u said, even though im in Australia and we dont have ESPN, since f*cking channel 9 has taken the French & US Open OFF FREE TO AIR AND PUT IT ON F*CKING FOXTEL...

    On the subject of retirements... Matches on clay are long, and retirements/injuries are inevitable.. in fact matches at grand slams can be quite long... a player shouldnt be penalised just cause he/she gets injured..
    you make it sound like it was deliberate or an act of laziness... NO, this is not the case...

    hey if a player wants to bounce a ball 18 times to clear his/her head, let them do so... I remember Jim Courier bouncing the ball a fair number of times b4 serving and i didnt mind...
    Tennis is not basketball. Grunting/moaning whatever during a stroke is not illegal... maybe u could play some heavy rock in the background so it's not as noticeable? Fist pumping... hmm.. Tennis is getting more and more physical and its getting harder to win points off the top players, especially on clay..
    especially when most rallies can be 15 strokes long.. wouldnt u pump YOUR fist after winning that point? wouldnt that make u feel good and make u think less about the exertion on EVERY SINGLE POINT???

    And you're in no position to say what is going on in a players head or to judge if they have no heart... It's a battlefield out there, especially on clay...
    I doubt you would do any better...
    Mauresmo gets nervous, thats no question.. but Clijsters quitting?
    Hey pal, the paycheque u get when u get to a GS semi is about as much as the winners cheque was 16 years ago...
    thats my wrap.
  5. I stopped reading there.

    If you can't find these keys (',?) then turn off the computer and go to bed.
  6. Moose Malloy

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    Dec 27, 2005
    French Open is considered among the fastest claycourt on tour. This FO had quicker points, more attacking tennis than most FOs of recent years. I have no idea why posters think the clay was slow this year. No player except Federer called it slow(& he never called it slow the entire tournament just after he lost to Nadal)
    Watch any FO final from last 5 years & compare it to FO final this year. Points were much longer & matches were much longer at past FOs. I think Federer spent less time on court in 7 matches than any player who got to the final from the last 10 years.
  7. punch

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    Sep 6, 2005
    Wait, what ever did happen to Cliff?

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