My transition from a modified Head Microgel Prestige to a stock asian Wilson K90.....

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by HoVa, Sep 9, 2009.

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    Mar 2, 2008

    I am in the midst of changing my game from an aggressive counter-puncher to a more attacking all court game. I would classify myself as a 5.0+.

    I have used Head ever since the PT280 first came out so I have used the same line of prestige for over 10 years+. It is the only player's racquet that I know.


    I dont know the exact swingweight or whatnot of the head microgel prestige, but I add an extra 30g of lead to the hoop edge and some in the throat. So total the weight is 350g. This has been my setup for years even with the PT280. very unscientific but it just "feels good"

    Stock Asian K90 is about 320g but with higher swingweight then stock Head Microgel prestige.

    Playtesting Notes:

    -The K90 takes more prep time on groundstrokes because of the higher swingweight. However, once you unleash the stick takes over. It almost corrects for any footwork error. The head Prestige needs full attention but no less accurate. Spins are easier to generate with the K90, especially when the ball is below the net and you have to spin the ball up and over the net. Smacking balls down the line with the K90 is much more effortless than the Head Prestige. I dont know why but I'm guessing because it generates more top spin and heftier swing keeps my hands on target.

    -On serves, the K90 needs an extra accurate toss because there is no time for mid-air correction. Kick serves are great with the K90 because of the follow through. Flat serves felt better with the Head prestige because of easy it is to "slap" the ball downward. I definitely had to change my serving motion for the K90 but its not that hard.

    -2 handed backhands are easier to control with the K90 because of the longer grip and the extra heft. However, its easier to "roll over" balls for hard angles with the Head Prestige because of its lower swingweight. Driving balls deep and flat with the Head Prestige is easier.

    -Volleys with both racquets are crisp but you had to be careful with the Head because it has more power due to the extra weight. Both racquets have tremendous touch.

    -Slice backhands are amazing with the K90. It just cuts through the ball so easily and effortless while with the Head, you had to provide the strength and touch. This is by far the biggest difference.

    conclusion: K90 takes some extra time to learn how to drive but its well worth it. Its heft isn't something thats supposed to make you worse, but make you better.

    I know its stupid but now i realize how Fed pulls out those shots that he does. Its no less a testament to a great stick.

    I'm sad to see my Head Prestige collect dust but I'm ready to move on and try a different style of play.

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    Apr 2, 2007
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    he pulls out those shots because of his insane skills.. put any racquet in his hand and he can work the magic
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    Aug 23, 2006
    agree with your findings. trade offs noted. going the other way here...:)

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