My trusty set up: CF/GOSM


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I just keep coming back to this trusty set up. Great price, comfort, control, power. Topspin Cyberflash and Gosen OG Sheep Micro, thank you.


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i started using this a while back its pretty good esp considering the price. i kinda think of it as the cheaper version of the "champions set up(alu and gut)"


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I have the same setup on my back up racket. I let one of my team mates us it coz he forgot his racket at home and he liked it so much, he had me restring his Pure Drive GT 107 with it.

Since it's on my backup racket, I dont use it that much, but I'm hoping the tension does not drop when I need to go to it.


Yeah it's hard to beat, especially for the price. I've used it several times now. I think I prefer the feel of Pro Supex Titan in the crosses a little better. It gives a slightly more comfortable feel, more of a slingshot feel as oppposed to the crisper/poppier feel of Gosen. I will probably go back to your decided setup once I run out of KGUT:?


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what tensions do you string your mains and crosses?
i currently use blue gear and titan at 58 for both.
any suggestions for tensions?


I just keep coming back to this trusty set up. Great price, comfort, control, power. Topspin Cyberflash and Gosen OG Sheep Micro, thank you.
Yep, I agree this is THE great setup. I've been using it in my M-Fil 300s for about a year -- CF mains at 51, GSM crosses at 56 -- and it's awesome.


I have been playing with CF17 full job on Fischer M Pro #1 and tried CF17 main/ OGSM 16 (I wanted to try Gosen Courier one but I run out of them and can not find them anymore...) at the same tension 52/ 52 for about an hour.

Frankly not impressed.....I thought I would get bit more crisp pop and feel, but really nothing to write home about. I string my sticks and got CF17 reel so no cost advantage either. I might hit with it for another session or two to see if it breaks in, but for now I definitely prefer CF17 full job.

I had good luck with Prince Original Syn Gut (not Durawhatevershit) in the past with POG....loved pop and zingy feel with good tension maintenance. Anyone tried CF17 + POSG hybrid? Wonder if any difference from OGSM hybrid.

PS I am also trying CF17 and multi (Klip Excellerator laying around) and it has better feel and more pop than OGSM hybrid. But I tend to shred multi so will see how long it would last. I might simply drop tensions on CF17 full job to get bit more pop and call it good.
This is about the cheapest copoly/synthetic hybrid you can make. I don't put CF in the mains much anymore because of its tendency to break (shear) on mis-hits. For poly hybrid users, it is a fairly nice hit, especially for the money.


Took the forum's advice on this one and bought some reels. Finally strung my first racket with the CF mains and GOSM crosses at 62/62. It has a funny little ping to it, and it feels really good. I like how the GOSM's turn clear as they are stretched. It looks really good on the youtek speed.


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I typically string the crosses a few lbs. thighter than the mains, with a Poly/Gosen OGSM setup. I feel the Gosen will stretch a bit more than the poly. My setup is 58/60.