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    Here is my latest attempt at making a custom ergo grip for one of the kids i coach.
    I liked the wy the Babolat Y-105's "smart grip", but I went beyond just making a lump to fit the space in the palm, that was sized for an average adult.
    Christopher is 10 years old and I sized it a little smaller for him. I also added another buldge further up, for his left hand that he uses for his 2 handed backhand shots.
    Like most of the kids, I see him "choking up" on the grip to make it easier top swing, as it makes the balance point fell lower and it's a little easier to swing. This does take away the leverage of the full sized racquet, but it creates a bad habit when he uses a smaller 26" racquet that I also gave him.
    So I made a "thumb notch", that is in the proper place for your thumb. When he doesn't hold the grip right, it won't feel good unless he has his thumb in the right spot of any grip, eastern to western.
    I call my grip mods, the "e2,3,4" grip and the numbers indicate the level of mods I do.
    When swinging the racquet, a Head Tour Pro aluminum racquet with a 100" head, the grip makes it easier and I added weight to bring it up from 317 grams, to 344. It's also now 6 points head light to make it MUCH easier to swing when using the thumb notch. I've also made it 1/2" longer, using a different end cap that I put 4 nickles in it, spaced by pieces of old grip tape gluded togetyher with Goop glue, that has a flexible bond, to get rid of some of the vibration that makes it to the grip, like most aluminum racquets do. Here's some pics of the modified grip. You should be able to see the upper and lower grips, but the thumb notch is a little hard to make out. I also made the round end cap something that can be used as the lower grip, if he grows up and wants to try emulating Rafa Nadal, with a western forehand grip, too!

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