Mystery Strings


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This may be a long shot - can anyone guess what strings these are? Main are dark grey and cross are light grey. Looks like poly but soft with more power than VCT red (maybe because of low tension).


Do the tag ends give any indication of multi vs poly? Sometimes you can get the tag ends to fray (multi) by using a plier. Otherwise likely poly. No writing on the string I’m assuming also
Just a stab in the dark, but I'd guess the dark mains to be Head Sonic Pro Edge and the crosses to be Topspin Cyberflash. Of course, there are several strings that are the lighter gray in color.


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shadow01 - No can't get the ends to fray. No writing I can see.
Steve - Thanks for the guess. I really like this strings on this racquet (Ezone 100).


If you cut it out, you may get lucky with some writing remaining on the string on the lengths that are currently going through the grommets. Gosh what a terrible sentence construction but you get the drift.