N. Bolletierri's Sonic Serve vid...


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I think it's pretty good...

What do ppl think of this and what is being discussed and demonstrated? Is this an absolute must for those working on sharpening up their serve technique? Is this "one of the best serve vids ever" as somebody has commented?



BTW, someone needs to tell Nick to chill it out a bit with the militaristic drum riffs!:)
...I've thought of the "hips forward" concept he talks about as making the front side of the body the bow and the back side of the body as the arrow. I also like what he says about throwing the racket arm up to the sky; too many players try to hit down on the ball.

I also like what he says about knee bend (too much, and you can't get the hip forward) and back arch (don't do it, it doesn't buy you anything)...

Bobby Jr

Players who've come out of Bolletierri's system with near to GOAT serves....





...Oh, wait. I thought you said forehand. :lol:


Also, watch his (i.e., Pat Dougherty's) other video on serve, MPH.

I wonder when he will come out with RPM. It has been a while, Mr. Serve Doctor.

Chas Tennis

I like the way the video is presented. I did give myself a brief but considerable back pain trying to over do some of the motions. I believe that it was my poor interpretation of the technique and not the presented material.

However, it is dated 2000 and does not mention Internal Shoulder Rotation. I believe that IRS was not appreciated until a few years later and even have a local 2003 newspaper article on the 'new' subject.

It is time for a similar first-class video to use the proper anatomical terminology for the motions and identify the active muscles. The fact that the largest muscle attached to the arm plays a part in the serve is never mentioned. (Do you know what that muscle is?)

It is still a very worth while video.

Search - Internal Shoulder Rotation this forum.
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