N-Six One 95 16/18 vs N-Six One 18/20

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18/20 six one or 16/18 six one?

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  1. N-six One 95 16/18

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  2. N-six one 95 18/20

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  1. Hey, i just want to know if "The talk Tennis COmunity" likes more the 16/18 or the 18/20..The 18/20 is the powerfull one and the 18/20 the powerless....
    i think that if you play with the 16/18 your topspin will be very efective, but with the 18/20 your strokes will be spinless, but when you found both sweetspots..The 18/20 will be more powerfull..Just tell me what do you think
  2. Speedy_tennis

    Speedy_tennis Semi-Pro

    Apr 2, 2005
    jajaj indios doblistas, yo creo que la mejor es la 18x20 mas control, nos vemos en el club y vamos a doblistear
  3. Dopke

    Dopke Semi-Pro

    Feb 25, 2004
    I thought the 18/20 was more predictable.. and I guess that translates to control. I found it very hard to tame the 16x18, as many know the ncode 95s are already a very powerful players racquet to begin with. If you have a more loopy stroke, the 16x18 may be to your liking, but I think the 18x20 works for both loopy and flatter. I tend to drive through the ball more than brushing up behind the ball and I found that with the 16x18, I had to change my stroke because when I was playing with my regular stroke, balls were going long very often.
  4. esrb

    esrb Rookie

    Jan 25, 2005
  5. tarkowski

    tarkowski Professional

    Jan 12, 2005
    Madison, WI
    I agree completely with dopke. nCode61 95 is already a powerful player's frame, and I much prefer the 18x20 for the control and consistent response from the stringbed - along with greater options in stroke mechanics. My forehand is fairly loopy, but I come to net often and find the 18x20 ALOT better up there. I also have a 1HBH drive (moderate topspin) that the 18x20 works much better with. Also, just got my 18x20 back from restringing on Monday. Had it strung using NXT-Tour 18 @55lbs (thinner, looser than before) and I found I got some of the pop back that I was missing from the 16x18... but still, with all the control and predictable response. It's just incredible. This is just such a nice stick to hit with. I'm so happy with the frame\string\tension that I'm ordering another from TW.

    So ignore my future posts because it will be pretty difficult for me to be objective anymore. :)
  6. justinoliver

    justinoliver New User

    Mar 26, 2005

    completely agree with the above post. I love the control of this racquet. If you can create your own power and have good stroke long mechanics youll like this racquet. I originally had it strung at 60lbs and found it just didnt have enough pop. I've now gone down to 58 and that seems to be enough. I also added weight at the 3 and 9 positons which seems to make the racquet even more sturdy then it already was. 18x20 is the bomb! try it.

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